Kimberly Lewis' Organized, Eclectic Alcove

Wallpaper designer Kimberly Lewis inhabits this lovely little alcove studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Her space is loaded with ideas for furniture layout, storage solutions, and pretty decor.  I love the photo above because it shows three major sections of the room.  The closest (from which the perspective is shot) is the dining area.  It merges into the living room.  And then beyond the black modular bookcase is a small bedroom nook.

In the living room, a trio of lucite nesting tables replace the traditional coffee table---the transparency gives the illusion that they hardly take up any space at all.  Plus, the tables are lightweight and easy to move around.  A long, sleek, MidCentury dresser acts as a console to display decor while the roomy drawers offer space to store anything from out-of-season clothing to occasional dinnerware.  (Imagine all the possibilities that a dresser can hold beside clothes---board games, binders/folders/notebooks, old textbooks, shoes, supplies.)

Who doesn't love the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea?  It is the perfect room divider for small space dwellers.  And with knockoffs found anywhere from Target to Walmart, it can't be difficult to get your hands on a similar unit.  Keep clutter controlled within the cubbies by utilizing boxes, bins, and baskets.

Living in a small space doesn't mean you have to live with small, spindly furniture.  A few large, hardworking pieces ground a room and make it feel cozy rather than chaotic.  This hutch-style desk offers lots of storage on its shelves and behind its cupboards. 

Love love love Kimberly's collection of Nancy Drew books.  I'm a huge fan of the teenage sleuth.

Don't be afraid to put furniture side-by-side in a studio.  This little nightstand is nudged right up within an inch the tall skinny dresser. 

All photos in this post are from Kimberly's Green Tour on Apartment Therapy.  Check out the original article and photo gallery for more inspiring photos of her studio!


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Anonymous said...

That desk is incredible. Also, loving the slate blue furniture color - soothing, but bright enough to add some color. Finally - agreed. Who doesn't love the Expedit from Ikea?