Beer Bottle Pretty: Who Knew?


My favorite projects are the ones that take used-up, every-day items and turn them into something new, pretty, and useful.  In this post, I've rounded up some of the most lovely beer bottle makeovers I could find.    Who knew that beer bottles could make such pretty decor?  I'm sure we've all been in that bachelor pad or frat house or guy friend's apartment that has been "decorated" with beer can towers and beer cardboard plastered on the walls as "wallpaper."  We're not taking that man-cavey route.  These beer bottle projects are seriously classy and seriously easy on the eyes.


Writing Desk Sneak Peek | Attic Tour

I've been slaving away at settling into my new attic bedroom.  With more space than I'm used to, I'm figuring out all the ways I can spread out my furniture.  My bedroom has sorta naturally divided into zones.  And today I worked on the writing desk area.  There are two nooks in my attic---the bed nook, and this one.  This one leads out onto a small deck/fire escape.  There's still a bit of work to be done, but it's pretty much ready to be shared with you. :)


Vintage Draperies + Scarlett's Curtain Dress

Today's post comes to you live from my sweltering attic space.  The heat index is currently 116 degrees here.  And even though I have my air conditioner on full-blast, the rising heat does not make for a cool attic.  I'd hang out downstairs in the living room... but it's too cold down there.  (I know, I know...)  So I'm hanging out next to my air conditioner up here, bouncing back and forth between comfortable and a little sweaty.  Enough complaining, though... I've got an iced coffee to drink and blog post to write!


My Spray Paint Brings All the Boys to the Yard

My spray paint brings all the boys to the yard.  And they like it's better than yours.
Damn right it's better than yours.  I can teach you but I'd have to charge. 
I know you want it.  The paint that sprays things.  What the guys go crazy for.
They lose their minds.  They way I D-I-Y.  I think it's time.
La-la-la-la-la.  Shake it up.  La-la-la-la-la.  The chairs are waiting.  


Living Room Inspiration for My Apartment

So even though my bedroom is still a definite work-in-progress... I can't help but daydream about decorating the living room, too.  As I've posted before, it's going to feature a DIY pallet sofa... which I've already scrounged up the pallets for.  (Yay!)  I'd looove to find some huge cushions like the ones in the room above. They'd look even lovelier on a pallet sofa than they do on the floor, dontchya think? Also, I'm really smitten with the idea of hanging curtains with a long branch.  But maybe I'd spray paint the branch a fun color... or perhaps paint it gold?


This DIY Project is for the Birds... (Literally.)

After their makeover, Caesar and Lenny received so many rave reviews from all of you that I couldn't help but bring them back for another guest appearance on the blog.  I visited my parents last weekend and made it a point to scavenge the basement for some of my old things.  And lo and behold! I came across this black birdcage.  The birdcage was a clearance find at Target several years ago when I had a thing for black wrought iron.  I knew it was just perfect for my feathered little friends.


Stairwell Art Gallery (Beginning Stages)

I'm turning the stairwell that leads up to my room into an art gallery of sorts.  With its expanse of walls and great natural light, it seemed like the smartest thing to do.  So far I've got five things hung up.  With double the amount of holes to patch.  At first, I thought I was getting lucky with finding studs.  Nope.  I've decided that there's a brick wall just inches behind the plaster.  So I get lucky when I find grout or something.  Once I get more frames, I'll be filling in the gaps and eventually covering the whole wall!  Yay!

1. I painted these for a freshman art class.  We had to pick an artist's work and re-paint it using black, white, and shades of gray.  At the time, I was obsessed with Roy Lichtenstein (still am) and used Lichtenstein's Thinking of Him.

2 & 3. I bought these prints a few years back from an artist on Etsy.  I tried to rediscover her shop, but was unsuccessful.  

4. It's my DIY chevron chalkboard!  (It's a quickie project if you need something to do!)

5. Another freshman art project.  We had to re-create a classic piece of art using torn up bits of magazine pages.  I did one of my favorite paintings: A Young Girl Defends Herself Against Eros by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. 

I can't wait to fill up the rest of my wall!  You see, I don't think any wall should go bare.  There should always be something (preferably many somethings) to keep the eyes entertained. :)

Spray Paint... or Bust!

This is Callias.  Several years back, I drooled over him at a hometown antique store until finally putting down the $15 to take him home.  He symbolizes my huge interest and love for the ancient Romans.  And, well... let's just be honest here:  He's a stud.  But having moved with me several times, his white porcelain veneer had taken a bit of a beating.  I decided it was time to give him a little re-vamp... in the form of spray paint.


Lace + Spray Paint DIY Desk Lamp Makeover

Dull desk lamp?  This project is as easy as pie and easy on the eyes.  Read on, lovelies...

Once You Go Red, You Don't Go Back...

I'm kinda addicted to having red hair.  The first time I ever went red was back in the summer of '08.  Growing up, I'd always gravitated toward and envied the tresses of copper- and scarlet-haired characters.


Got Pallet?

Hello, lovelies.  As I sit here and wait for the red dye to set in my hair, I thought I'd share with you the exciting beginnings of my biggest DIY project to date.  If you read up on 8 Inspiring DIY Pallet Sofas, you may already have a clue as to what these four pallets are doing in my living room.  That's right, I'm making a pallet sofa!


June Beauty Picks: Simple, Pretty, Delish

I went on a bit of a beauty binge recently.  And since sharing is caring, you know I can't keep these beauty products to myself.  What do I look for in a summer beauty product?  Well, it needs two outta these three things... Simplicity: Something I can grab from inside my purse, put on, and be good to go.  Deliciousness: If it doesn't smell/taste delish, I'll pass.  Pretty: Duh, does this really need an explanation?

So let's get down to the beauty business, shall we?

1. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.  With naturally wavy hair and a terrible impatience with hair straighteners, I'm a fan of the waves year-round.  I am always on the hunt for new products that will bring out my hair's texture.  I've tried 'em all---gels, sprays, mousses (meese?), etc.  Many end up being too gunky or too heavy.  Or they don't smell good, or they end up tangling my hair more than anything.  But since this Surf Spray arrived at my door, I have not been without it.  It's lightweight, creates soft waves, and has a nice, light fragrance.  It's not heavy duty, so if you're lacking natural texture in your hair... it probably won't create the dream waves you're craving.  But if you have wavy hair like mine that needs a little ooomph! this product is great.  I'm kind of addicted. :S 

Simple? Yes! Fast and easy waves, yay! Pretty? Yep.  Definitely makes my hair pretty.
Delish?  Nah. While it smells good, it doesn't smell like anything edible... Haha.

2.  Tokyo Milk Solid Perfume in Sugar Sugar.  It's been a while since I've used a solid perfume, but my curiosity has been piqued as of late.  I've heard a lot of good things about Tokyo Milk and was immediately drawn to the Sugar Sugar scent.  I kinda have an obsession with smelling like baked goods.  So cupcake scented solid perfume?  Yes, please.  I love the sweet little container this perfume comes in.  Even more, I love dabbing my finger on the solid and putting on my wrists.  It smells like a fresh, moist, whipped-icing vanilla cupcake.  I can't stop smelling my wrist.  It's not a long lasting scent (a few hours tops), but definitely a pick-me-up I'll be carrying in my purse all summer long.
Simple?  Yessir. You can't mess solid perfume up.  Pretty? Of course.  Just look at that little container!
Delish? Oh my goodness yes.  Definitely scores high in the smells-good-enough-to-eat department.

3.  Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Lip Shine.  I've been swooning over the lovely looks of Philosophy products for some time now.  So I decided there's no better time than the present to test something out.  I was lured in by the promise of cinna-bun tasting lip gloss in this little tube.  And it did not disappoint.  I'm not typically a gloss girl.  (It drives me crrrrazy when my hair gets stuck in my gloss!)  But I like this stuff.  It's a medium consistency compared to other glosses I've used---it's not too slick, not too goopy.  It's clear with just a hint of shimmer.  And my oh my, is it ever tasty.  

Simple?  Well, my hair does get stuck in it.  So it loses a few simplicity points there.
Pretty?  Very much so.  Delish?  Mmm-mmm-good. :)  I highly recommend this.

4.  Fruit Pigments Sheer Strawberry.  What's cool about this lip gloss?  Well, it's 100% natural, tinted with fruit pigments, and packed with Vitamin E.  Plus, it's really the un-stickiest lip gloss I've ever used.  Of course the stray hair will get stuck in it.  But it doesn't leave a sticky, goopy, glumpy feeling on the lips at all.  It's lightweight and the Sheer Strawberry hue leaves a hint of sheer pink color that I'm quite smitten with.

Simple?  Yes, definitely a go-to lip gloss for any occasion.  Pretty?  Very pretty shade of pink.
Tasty?  It doesn't taste like anything special. No flavoring or anything.  It just tastes like... lip gloss.  

You can get all these products and more from SkinCareRx, SkinBotanica, and Apothica.  (Since you lovely ladies always ask for links-to-purchase, I saved you some search engine legwork and linked up the the products to a place you can buy 'em.  You're welcome!)


She be climbin' in yo windows...

With all the stress of moving, I've been in some dire need of spray painting.  It's just so magical!  To watch something transform before your eyes with just the push of a button.  I get such a natural high from making over objects with spray paint.  (Yes, I said natural.  Ain't no huffing going down here.)


Live Update from the Attic

Most of my junk has been moved up to the attic!  You can see here that there's a big difference between being moved in and settled in.  The place is a disaster and I can't find anything.  But the tough part is over with.  Unpacking and organizing isn't all that bad.  And decorating will be next on the list!


Strange Addictions: Cream Lace

One section of my closet literally looks like that.  Ivory lace.  Once upon a time (or *ahem* several times) whilst shopping at TJ Maxx, I looked down at my cart of things to try on in the dressing room.  And what did I see but that 9 outta the 10 garments were cream and lacy... or had cream lace embellishments.


Choosing My Blue & Green Hues

So a few days ago, I revealed the color scheme I'd be using in my attic bedroom later this summer.  (Check out the inspiration-laden post here.)  Basically, I'm going to mix turquoise, chartreuse, baby blue, and a little mint green with neutrals like cream and gray.  It will definitely be a major contrast to my current color-explosion of a room.  (To see the color explosion I'm talking about, take a tour of my bedroom.)  I've had a few emails asking how I decided on a color scheme.  Where did I begin?  Where did I find inspiration?  So let's get down to business.


Color Scheme: Shades of Blue + Green

Better Homes & Gardens

So I think I've decided on a color scheme for my attic apartment: shades of blue and green.  Think: vibrant turquoise, sky blue, rich teal, lush chartreuse, grass green, and even a tinge of mint.  Also, throw in some gray and cream.  And there you have it.  Turquoise is my favorite color, so that was my inspiration.  And I can't imagine living without all of the bright chartreuse I've been incorporating with red and orange in my current space.  (I just wanna swap out the warm hues for cooler ones!)


Another Dose of Bedroom Inspiration

Apartment Therapy
Hands down: the bedroom is my favorite room in the house.  So I can't get enough lovely, inspiring spaces.  Like the one above.  Beautiful hardwood floors, a vintage bed, and an over-abundance of creamy white.  The bed is positioned at an angle and away from the wall.  The radiator at left is topped off with planters that add a small punch of color.  The yellow chandelier is sunny and cheerful.  And the pillows are the prettiest shades of crisp apple green.