Color Scheme: Shades of Blue + Green

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So I think I've decided on a color scheme for my attic apartment: shades of blue and green.  Think: vibrant turquoise, sky blue, rich teal, lush chartreuse, grass green, and even a tinge of mint.  Also, throw in some gray and cream.  And there you have it.  Turquoise is my favorite color, so that was my inspiration.  And I can't imagine living without all of the bright chartreuse I've been incorporating with red and orange in my current space.  (I just wanna swap out the warm hues for cooler ones!)

Better Homes & Gardens
So it'll be mostly turquoise and a fresh yellow green.  But I will want a little mint thrown in here and there... or maybe all over the walls?  It still feels a little tricky, but I have confidence that I can pull it off.  

Design Style Guide
Oh yes.  Minty teal curtains.  Turquoise vase.  Chartreuse velvet.

The Lennoxx
Here's a good mixture of the green and a sky-hued blue.

Oh, what a splendid idea to add in a little sunshiny yellow
Decor Pad
Perhaps I'll nix the charcoal in favor of this softer heather shade of gray.

Home Designing
And this is why I love turquoise!  It's simply gorgeous, no?

Maybe I'll paint one of my pieces of furniture a pretty shade of this bold mint?

Unknown :(
Green and turquoise are a match made in color heaven.

Pink Wallpaper
Love the wallpaper and bedding in this room.  Wish I had a little cat to cozy up my bed!

More subdued here with warm gray, sky blue,
and a deeper shade of green.  Just as lovely.

Desire to Inspire
I like the mix of modern furniture with the antique chandelier here.  

via Sunday in Bed
I simply must learn how to paint a ceiling like this. 

So what do you think of my color scheme decision?  :)


Double Glazing Gloucester said...

I find the colors very cool in the eyes. Perfect for teens. I must say that the place was nice and clean.

Lami said...

If you love the color turqouise (as i do :)), have a look at the blog House of Turquoise, http://www.houseofturquoise.com. This blog is devoted to rooms using turquoise.

Anonymous said...

very interesting color combination ... I don't know if I would do that but I do like it though. :)

College Girl said...

Much as I love this color combination I've fallen in love with adding yellow to it. Thanks for the idea!

Taryn said...

So stunning!

Unknown said...

What is the name of the heather gray in the "gray and green" room? Is it Benjamin Moore?