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June Beauty Picks: Simple, Pretty, Delish

I went on a bit of a beauty binge recently.  And since sharing is caring, you know I can't keep these beauty products to myself.  What do I look for in a summer beauty product?  Well, it needs two outta these three things... Simplicity: Something I can grab from inside my purse, put on, and be good to go.  Deliciousness: If it doesn't smell/taste delish, I'll pass.  Pretty: Duh, does this really need an explanation?

So let's get down to the beauty business, shall we?

1. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.  With naturally wavy hair and a terrible impatience with hair straighteners, I'm a fan of the waves year-round.  I am always on the hunt for new products that will bring out my hair's texture.  I've tried 'em all---gels, sprays, mousses (meese?), etc.  Many end up being too gunky or too heavy.  Or they don't smell good, or they end up tangling my hair more than anything.  But since this Surf Spray arrived at my door, I have not been without it.  It's lightweight, creates soft waves, and has a nice, light fragrance.  It's not heavy duty, so if you're lacking natural texture in your hair... it probably won't create the dream waves you're craving.  But if you have wavy hair like mine that needs a little ooomph! this product is great.  I'm kind of addicted. :S 

Simple? Yes! Fast and easy waves, yay! Pretty? Yep.  Definitely makes my hair pretty.
Delish?  Nah. While it smells good, it doesn't smell like anything edible... Haha.

2.  Tokyo Milk Solid Perfume in Sugar Sugar.  It's been a while since I've used a solid perfume, but my curiosity has been piqued as of late.  I've heard a lot of good things about Tokyo Milk and was immediately drawn to the Sugar Sugar scent.  I kinda have an obsession with smelling like baked goods.  So cupcake scented solid perfume?  Yes, please.  I love the sweet little container this perfume comes in.  Even more, I love dabbing my finger on the solid and putting on my wrists.  It smells like a fresh, moist, whipped-icing vanilla cupcake.  I can't stop smelling my wrist.  It's not a long lasting scent (a few hours tops), but definitely a pick-me-up I'll be carrying in my purse all summer long.
Simple?  Yessir. You can't mess solid perfume up.  Pretty? Of course.  Just look at that little container!
Delish? Oh my goodness yes.  Definitely scores high in the smells-good-enough-to-eat department.

3.  Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Lip Shine.  I've been swooning over the lovely looks of Philosophy products for some time now.  So I decided there's no better time than the present to test something out.  I was lured in by the promise of cinna-bun tasting lip gloss in this little tube.  And it did not disappoint.  I'm not typically a gloss girl.  (It drives me crrrrazy when my hair gets stuck in my gloss!)  But I like this stuff.  It's a medium consistency compared to other glosses I've used---it's not too slick, not too goopy.  It's clear with just a hint of shimmer.  And my oh my, is it ever tasty.  

Simple?  Well, my hair does get stuck in it.  So it loses a few simplicity points there.
Pretty?  Very much so.  Delish?  Mmm-mmm-good. :)  I highly recommend this.

4.  Fruit Pigments Sheer Strawberry.  What's cool about this lip gloss?  Well, it's 100% natural, tinted with fruit pigments, and packed with Vitamin E.  Plus, it's really the un-stickiest lip gloss I've ever used.  Of course the stray hair will get stuck in it.  But it doesn't leave a sticky, goopy, glumpy feeling on the lips at all.  It's lightweight and the Sheer Strawberry hue leaves a hint of sheer pink color that I'm quite smitten with.

Simple?  Yes, definitely a go-to lip gloss for any occasion.  Pretty?  Very pretty shade of pink.
Tasty?  It doesn't taste like anything special. No flavoring or anything.  It just tastes like... lip gloss.  

You can get all these products and more from SkinCareRx, SkinBotanica, and Apothica.  (Since you lovely ladies always ask for links-to-purchase, I saved you some search engine legwork and linked up the the products to a place you can buy 'em.  You're welcome!)


Anonymous said…
I'm loving the idea of that solid perfume. Cupcake scented? Sign me up. I'm already totally in love with a cupcake scented candle and some hand sanitizer.

And it sounds like we have similar hair textures. Maybe I should try out that Bumble & Bumble stuff. I used to use this Nolita gel stuff that was awesome in my hair, but it was discontinued. I also really like the Beach Babe Sea Salt texturizing spray from the Not Your Mother's line. It smells sooooo good. Not baked goods good, but still good.
I think it is great opportunity for getting beauty product.Thanks for this.


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