Strange Addictions: Cream Lace

One section of my closet literally looks like that.  Ivory lace.  Once upon a time (or *ahem* several times) whilst shopping at TJ Maxx, I looked down at my cart of things to try on in the dressing room.  And what did I see but that 9 outta the 10 garments were cream and lacy... or had cream lace embellishments.

And while I know there are weirder things to be addicted to (thanks to reality tv for cluing me on those...) I must admit that when I end up wearing something cream-colored and lacy (or sheer, or crocheted) more than three days in a row... I might need to switch up my wardrobe a bit. 

Am I in a style rut?  Yes.  Is it so terribly bad to be stuck wearing pretty, white, lacy things?

I think not.

And I promise I don't have some awful, underlying, desperation to wear a wedding dress.
(I don't even having a "My Future Wedding" board on Pinterest, for Pete's sake!) 

I just love love love me some white lace.  It feels so very Victorian.  So very delicate and pretty and lovely.  So very Downton Abbey.  So very vintage.  And I don't see an end to this obsession anytime in the near future.  So bring on the lace!  (I'll just try to throw some color and other materials into my wardrobe every one in a while, too, to balance it all out.  ;)

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Unknown said...

love love love too! truthfully, i currently only have black lace things but i'm loving all things lacy lately. i might need a shopping trip now.