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Dorm Tour: My Old Dorm!

Silly me... I don't think I ever got around to posting photos of one of my old dorms!  So there's no better time than the present, right?  This here is a single dorm I lived in back in 2010.  As far as my love of turquoise and floral patterns go... not much has changed.  But I've definitely come a long way and my style has much evolved.

Even though the room was very narrow, I loved the huge window that took up one entire wall.  Up on the 7th floor, I had a wide open view of beautiful skies.

Another plus to the narrow room: it came with a closet.  And I'd definitely take a real closet over one of the awful wardrobe armoires the larger rooms came with.  

Ahhh dorm life.  I can't believe how little I got by with that semester.  No typewriter.  No extra desks.  No bed nook.  No private bathroom.  No living room.  


Marian said…
I love the layout & the giant window. It must have been nice to have all of that natural light. My dorm is nice and all, but the view isn't great. haha
Anonymous said…
Wow your dorm looks so comfy. I'll be starting college soon and already been issued a hall and everything. I'll be in a double so I'll be having a roommate (first time with a roomie bit nervous)
Anonymous said…
Oh my with my comment I forgot, if you don't mind a question.
For someone living with a roommate can we still go all out and decorate our side of the room as we wish or is it better to go simple since you don't want the room to clash?
Natalie Rose said…
Hi! I am a second year student and last year I had two different roommates (switched rooms) and you would want to contact your roommate if possible and ask what their color scheme(sp?) is and see if there is anyway you can combine your colors and make it a wonderful room. If your rooms will be anything like mine was it will be boring old white walls and no extra room. So get in touch now.. no the dimensions of your room and start thinking of ideas, that way when you get to school you wont be overwhelmed with what to do.
Katelyn said…
This dorm room looks so nice and soooo cute! I was lucky enough to have a double as a single last year, but I'll have a roommate this year, and I have a feeling our room will not look like this!! I love the huge window!
Unknown said…
This room looks great!
Any idea of the size?
Unknown said…
this dorm room looks great!
love that you had 2 dressers plus a closet! Lucky girl!
Any idea of the size of the room?
Ashley said…
Oh! I am having some serious window-envy right now! I adore large, open windows and natural light. The view isn't bad at all, either! I wish I had a lovely view like this one in my tiny off-campus 2-bedroom apartment, but from every window the grand view my flatmate and I get is of...the parking lot. :p Your old dorm looks cosy, though!
Unknown said…
i seriously had the same color scheme-- b&w damask comforter and aqua accents :)
i seriously had the same dorm decor-- b&w damask comforter and turquoise accents. so cute :)
Anonymous said…
We both are named Jessica and we both have that damask comforter XD we're awesome.
Unknown said…
I love that comforter! Whered you get it?!


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