Dorm Decor Tips | Lovely Undergrad + Sabrina Soto Featured on The RetailMeNot Insider!!

Hey lovelies!  Study break time!

The RetailMeNot Insider recently interviewed me for a story on dorm decor.  The article features advice from both myself and Target Style Expert at Home/HGTV Designer Sabrina Soto.  The post is full of great tips and tricks, plus lots of pretty products. 

It's the first week of class! You know you want to take a break from hitting the textbooks and check it out. ;)

P.S. While you're there, you might want to take a gander at  The site is chock-full of coupon codes that are likely to come in handy for you thrifty students. 


Unknown said…
Thanks so much for taking me to so special. Green Living