Literary Chic | Fashion by the Books

As autumn's chill hits the air, it's time to hit the books. (Not just your textbooks, though!) When temperatures drop, what's more appealing than curling up in a blanket with a good read and good cup of coffee?  Well, maybe taking that book from your couch to the streets... in wardrobe form!  Out of Print is a unique online shop specializing in clothing and accessories inspired by great authors and great stories.  Being the bookworm that I am, I'm quite smitten with their mission.  So I picked out a few (okay, eleven!) of their literary tees and daydreamed about how I'd style them. 

Buy the featured literary t-shirts online at Out of Print.  For sourcing on other clothing items and accessories, check out my sets on Polyvore


Pascale said...

I never posted a comment, but I've been following your blog for quite a while. :)
You have such a great fashion sense!! The colors you mix are perfect, and you make casual looks really feminine.

And I must say the bookworm that I am is in love with those particular outfits. :D

Camille said...

Love these!!