What I Wore | 11.10.12

So really, this What I Wore post is an ode to a new belt.  A lovely little green belt I scored for $1.39 at Goodwill.  Last night I went out with some friends here in a little while, so I wanted to dress up a bit.  Since was a balmy 66 degrees out there (that's amazing for middle-of-November in Iowa, btw!) I lived it up in sheer tights and a dress layered under a cardigan and cozy scarf. I added boots with a slightly combat feel to keep the dress and tights from getting too girly.

 Here's a close-up (above) of the upper half, including my new favorite belt.  I love the color and weary gold buckle!  I also wore a lace tank under the dress because it's so low cut that I (can't believe I'm blogging this) went sans-bra. Oh, the things that flat-chested girls can get away with!  Haha.  TMI, I know.  ...But some of you totally know what I'm talking about! ;)

Sources: (Because I love bragging about how thrifty I am with clothes.)

Black jersey dress - JCPenney, I think.  I'm really not sure.  It's one of those little black dresses that has been in my closet for a few years.  

Lace tank - JCP.  It was a black lace top, but I cut off the sleeves to turn it into a slip-like, slinky tank perfect for layering.

Cardigan - Target, $10 clearance score a couple months ago.  

Tights - $3 bargain (Heck yes!) at Rue 21.  

Scarf - JCP. I've had this for a couple years, too. It's my favorite scarf. :)  

Boots - $10 score at Claire's after Christmas last year.  (Who knew Claire's had such cute boots, right?)  

Black socks peeking out of boots - These are actually the sleeves cut off an old, worn-out black cardigan.  Heheh.  

Green belt - Bought this tonight at Goodwill for a teeny, tiny $1.39!  

Also, I'm going through a red lipstick phase.  Right now I'm clinging to my tube of Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Jet Set Red 180.  I actually bought it early last spring, but shortly thereafter fell in love with a more orangey-red lipstick for spring.  So this Jet Set Red has been sitting there on my vanity just waiting for its days in the sun.  Those days are happening right now as late fall sets in and the true red is calling my name.  It's long lasting, lightweight, smooth, and the perfect shade of red.  

Above are lookalikes (not the exact items) I wore.  You can check out the full set with sources included on Polyvore. 


Camille said...

Great score at goodwill! And btw I LOVE your hair! :)

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