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Reader Question: What's your foundation/skincare routine?

Lovely reader Renee emailed me a compliment and a que stion: "Your skin looks so smooth! What is your foundation/skincare routine?" First of... Thank you!  And as far as my foundation/skincare routine goes... well, it's quite minimalist.  I have very sensitive skin and discovered back in junior high school that most facial cleansers and creams irritated my skin.  Trying product after product, I'd go between very oily skin or extremely dry.  I remember trying one facial cleanser that caused my skin to dry up into scales that very night.  I convinced my mom to call in sick to school for me the next day. ;)  

Wardrobe Inspiration from my Favorite TV Characters: New Girl's Jess & Downton Abbey's Lady Mary

I don't watch a ton of television, but when I do I undoubtedly tune in to ABC's New Girl on Tuesday nights.  (Except for last night... when I somehow, absentmindedly, tragically forgot!)  New Girls gives me my laughs for the week.  My other show would be Downton Abbey.  The setting, the architecture, the drama, the clothes!  Oh, yes the clothes.   That's what this post is really about.  Clothes.  And borrowing fashion ideas from favorite leading ladies on tv.  Sometimes trying to figure out to wear by staring at the models on the pages of a magazine just doesn't cut... that's when you need to turn on the tv, settle in, and dream up  how to dress like your favorite character .

December Favorites

  Happy December, lovelies!  I've rounded up a few of my favorite things that get me through this cold and snowy month.  Although, I must say that November and the first few days of December have been divine here in Iowa.  60+ degree weather?  Bring it on.  Although I do look forward to the magic and romance of a first snow, you won't catch me complaining about not wearing a coat right now.

Wintry Decor Ideas for Spare Ornaments

Hello lovelies!  Today I'm sharing three beautiful, wintry decorating ideas for spare ornaments... and it is actually from another blog I've been working on.  You see, I recently landed a pretty awesome part-time job as a social media assistant for a property management company.  Besides dealing with social media and such, something else I get to do is blog.  The blog Home Sweet Apt features decorating ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and lifestyle articles as well as event announcements, news stories, and stuff for residents of our properties.  It's a pretty sweet gig!  I enjoy in the work and my boss Haleigh (...who also happens to have a lovely blog if you want to pop over and check it out). 

DIY Handwritten Scarf

Back in my posts about Literary Lusts , I went ga-ga over a scarf with words from Jane Eyre printed on it.  I've also spotted other swoon-worthy, word-printed scarves on Pinterest... but failed to find any in brick-and-mortar shops.  I bought a plain beige scarf for just $5 when I was home over Thanksgiving break.  And while I've enjoyed its ability to be a neutral accomplice to any outfit... I really prefer a little bit of pattern on a scarf. 

DIY Glitter-Toe Nude Flats

 It all started out once upon a time when I espied the above Jimmy Choo flats.  Perfectly slender.  A blushing shade of nude.  Sparkly toes.  And a whopping $345 that could fund a major vintage shopping trip and umpteen do-it-yourself projects.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands... by revamping a pair of basic nude flats I'd been wearing out for the last year.