DIY Glitter-Toe Nude Flats

 It all started out once upon a time when I espied the above Jimmy Choo flats.  Perfectly slender.  A blushing shade of nude.  Sparkly toes.  And a whopping $345 that could fund a major vintage shopping trip and umpteen do-it-yourself projects.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands... by revamping a pair of basic nude flats I'd been wearing out for the last year.

What you need:
Nude Flats
Sponge or Brush
Loose Glitter
Clear Coat Spray Paint
Masking Tape

1. Clean the surface of the shoes and tape off the toe using the masking tape.
2. Using the sponge/brush, apply ModPodge to the toe area.  I dabbled it on.
3. Pour glitter over the glue.  Pat down.
4. Spray glittered toe with clear coat spray paint.
5. Pour more glitter over the clear spray paint before it dries.
6. Carefully pull off the masking tape.
7. Give another generous coat of the clear spray paint.
8. Let dry.
9. Wear and enjoy!

You could really do this with any pair of flats... or even heels.  I think the gold glitter would look lovely on a pair of black ballet flats, too, but I couldn't find my spare pair to makeover. 


Marian said...

Those are so cute! They'd be perfect for a holiday party.

Anonymous said...

This is such a better idea than buying $345 dollar shoes. They look almost identical.