A Happy 8Tracks Playlist for Your Day From Yours Truly (Oh! And did you see New Girl last night?! OMG!!)

One of my favorite websites is 8Tracks.com.  You can listen to user-created playlists based on genre and mood.  Crushing on that cute guy in Chem?  Folk + Love + Happy.  Need some good study music?  Study + Classical.  Cozied up in your bed with a good book while the snow gently falls outside your window?  Winter + Slow + Indie.

I'm addicted.  I use it all day long from getting around in the morning to focusing at work and from writing or reading to falling asleep at night.  One of my favorite things about it is that you only see the description of the playlist... not the actual songs on it until that specific song plays.  The surprise factor is nice.  I've discovered a lot of new music and artists via 8Tracks.  Also, it's totally ad-free.  I highly recommend it!  Trust me, you'll love it.  ;)

I've been listening to others' playlists, but tonight I finally got around to creating my own.  It's a compilation of sweet, happy, romantic indie folk and indie pop love songs.  (I know, I know...)  I suppose you can blame the perky, upbeat, lovey-dovey inspiration on last night's episode of New Girl.  I've been waiting for Nick and Jess to kiss for sooooo long!  I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming out with glee.  And I squealed on and off for a good hour.  (And man, did Nick lay it on Jess!  Oh my dayum!)

So anyway.  Give my playlist a listen.  Give 8Tracks a listen.  And tell me what you think.  (If you decide to sign up and create playlists of your own, follow me and let me know so that I can follow you back.)

Have a lovely day!


Camille said...

I joined 8tracks! My name is cleartrampoline :) I can't wait to make some new mixes! I LOVE making mixes, pretty much been making them since the 5th grade, hehe! :) Listening to yours now!

Jean said...

I discovered 8tracks a little while ago and it's seriously the best! I'm actually listening right now :) can't wait to try out your playlist!

And how PERFECT was that kiss?! like I could not even handle it haha

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing us all to 8tracks.com! I have been jamming to winter+indie playlists all night!
I always love when you talk about New Girl or Downton Abbey. I am basically counting the seconds until next week's episode of New Girl. LOVE Nick and Jess! Can't believe it finally happened!

Parentheses said...

Ahhh! I shouldn't have finished the post after seeing the title. I guess I can just happily anticipate that Jess+Nick kiss when I get time to watch it now =] Loving 8tracks.com so far: I kind of like being limited to 8 songs for a playlist.

Shelby said...

OMG I was squealing with joy when they kissed!! I'm so glad I found another blogger who watches New Girl:)

charleighbby said...

I'm on 8tracks! charleighbby is my name, I'll be sure to give you a follow!