January: New Year, New Faves

It's that time again... to round up my favorite must-haves for the month.  In the bitter cold of January, these are the five favorites that are keeping me cozy, soft, and stylish.

1. From early fall to late spring, I live in cardigans.  And in midst of an Iowa winter, you can bet that right now my cardigans are heavy, knit, and super cozy.  My favorite one right now is a knit cardigan similar to the one pictured.  (I couldn't find a pic of the one I have.)

2. Red lips have become a beauty staple for me.  I don't feel alive and well if I look in the mirror and see colorless lips.  I've always gone for reds with slight orange tinge, but I decided to shake things up a little with a deeper red.  I splurged on this Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunkiest Chili and I'm obsessed.  It's become my go-to color for daily wear as well as nights out on the town.

3. Just as I've deepened the red on my lips, I've gone darker on my fingernails with a nice shade of wine red.  I like the Insta-dry line from Sally Hansen since it dries so quickly!

4. I love my coffee, you know I do.  But every once in a while I get one of my rare chocolate cravings.  And Starbucks Hot Cocoa is at the top of my list.  Mmm mmmm, good.

5. This will soon be a post all its own, but I have to start by professing my newly discovered love for coconut oil.  So far I've only used it as moisturizer on my skin, but I'm hooked.  Hooked, I tell ya.  I can't wait to use this in my hair and in cooking!

6. Hand-tooled leather is making me swoon right now.  All I really wanted for Christmas was a vintage, hand-tooled leather purse and my mom found one!  (Mine is very, very similar to this one but with more floral detailing and a rounded bottom.) 

What are your January recommendations? 


Camille said...

Oh I love hand tooled leather! I have an old wallet that was my great grandmother's, it says Agnes on the spine (her name) and has roses on the sides, and my grandpa had made it for her in the 70s or 80s, its so neat! :)

Anna @ Annglophile said...

Did you make this on Olioboard somehow? It looks really cool - my flatmate has the chubby stick and she just loves it!

I have recently gotten into coconut oil too (although mine might say coconut butter, I can't really remember)! I've used it for cooking minced meat for tacos, and even though the oil smells very sweet and coconutty it doesn't affect the taste of what you're making. I bet it would be fantastic for baking - replace butter with coconut butter and you'll get a really good cake I bet. You probably wouldn't even have to add sugar! Healthy baking here we go!