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Recipe: Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Beer Bread

Last fall, my former roommate introduced me to beer bread with a hearty, delicious loaf of bread made using a pumpkin beer.  A couple weeks ago, one of my friends gave me a couple slices of Shock Top Apple Crisp beer bread.  So Sunday evening as our weekend together came to an end, the boyfriend G and I decided to whip up a loaf of our own before he had to leave.  (He lives just under two hours away.)

Big News! Lovely Undergrad is Now The Lovely Side

Hello lovelies!  Big announcement here on the blog today!  The news wasn't supposed to go live for about a month or so as I got everything switched over, but due to an error on my part... it is happening prematurely.  (Let's hope for no major problems, shall we?)   After much pondering over the last year, I've decided to change the name of this blog.  Lovely Undergrad will now be known as The Lovely Side . 

For My U.K. Readers: Branston Pickle!

Hello lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I sure did. :) My fetching boyfriend G came to town and we had a wonderful weekend together.  G spent some time in the U.K. for his sister's wedding and returned to the States with a fondness for a few foods from the other side of the pond.  He visited this weekend and on Saturday we hit up Ames British Foods .

Book Giveaway! | Win a Copy of Philippa Gregory's Order of Darkness: Changeling... There will be 2 winners! (Closed)

* * * This giveaway is now closed.  Check out the winner announcement post here .  Stay tuned for future giveaways and contests.  Thanks to all who entered! * * * 

Birthday for Me, Giveaway for You! (Closed)

Hello, my lovely readers!  Today happens to be my 24th birthday.  :)  And I've got a special giveaway in store for you!  There will be two winners, which makes this one a real delight.  Plus, what I'm giving away happens to be something quite close to my heart and often in my hands.

Spring Bedding Came Early, Coffee + Tea Bar, and Blue Felt

I've been busy re-arranging and making some changes in my bedroom, but to tide you over until the full reveal I thought I'd share a few of those changes with you this morning.  As you can see above, the beige and black damask is gone.  Normally this colorful quilt doesn't make an appearance until March or April (it's my springtime/summertime bedding)... but I have warmer weather, sundresses, and singing birds on the mind so it returned early.  Maybe spring will, too!  As soon as I threw the colorful quilt and pillows on the bed, I couldn't help but dance a happy jig.  Color, pattern, and flowers will do that to a girl. ;)