Big News! Lovely Undergrad is Now The Lovely Side

Hello lovelies!  Big announcement here on the blog today!  The news wasn't supposed to go live for about a month or so as I got everything switched over, but due to an error on my part... it is happening prematurely.  (Let's hope for no major problems, shall we?)  

After much pondering over the last year, I've decided to change the name of this blog.  Lovely Undergrad will now be known as The Lovely Side

Why drop Lovely Undergrad?
For you and for me!  I'm not going to be an undergrad forever.  And while many, many of you lovely readers are undergrads, I've come to find that many of you also fall out of the category.  You are undergrads as well as high school students, grad students, post-grads, young professionals, and more!  I want the blog title to reflect my lovely 17- to 25-year-old audience of lovely young ladies, not just the ones who happen to be undergrads. 

Does this mean no more dorm decorating and college content?
Of course not!  This blog will still include large doses of dorm decor and college lifestyle content.  Living a lovely college lifestyle is still the heart and soul of this little corner of the blogosphere.  And yet it will also be branching out (as it has been in the last couple years) into more apartment decorating, career content, and post-grad stuff.  Think of it as an expansion.  As I grow up, so does the blog.  But college will remain to be at the core. 

How much different are things going to be?
Really not much different at all.  The categories are staying the same.  The design has remained untouched.  This is really and truly just a name change and slight re-branding. 

Why now?
I've had this name change on my mind for some time.  (Off and on for over a year!)  The blog has been growing significantly, but it is still quite young in the grand scheme of things.  While I cringe at the thought of losing some of you in the vast internet, I decided sooner would be better than later.  So full speed ahead as The Lovely Side!

Will there be problems with the name change?
Unfortunately, I think so.  Due to an error on my part, the purchased domain was prematurely applied to this blog.  (It wasn't supposed to happen for about another month so that I could make sure everything would redirect properly.)  It's difficult to reverse at this point, so I'm debuting the name change and will be working on redirecting links in the meantime.  This unfortunately means that many Pinterest pins, tweets, and Facebook posts linking to LovelyUndergrad.com may come up "Not Found" on the web.  I will be fixing many of my own links as soon and often as possible.  In the meantime, I'm also working on getting everything redirected smoothly.  

What should I do as a lovely reader?
What you can do is help get the word out!  Pin the above "Lovely Undergrad is now The Lovely Side" image to Pinterest.  Tweet the new url.  Share the news on Facebook.  Go through posts and pin things to Pinterest directly from the new TheLovelySide.com url.  If you subscribe via an rss reader, make sure you have the correct url.  And most of all, keep on reading. :)

Let's cross our fingers for few issues, quick fixes, and a smooth transition!  Welcome to The Lovely Side!  


Camille said...

Great idea! :) And for the record I'm 31 and I've been loving your blog for a while, you appeal to a broader audience for sure. People who like lovely things. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the name change on Twitter and said "ah-ha!" Had a feeling this was coming. We all grow and you and the blog are growing up lovely! And hey, I'm on the, ahem, latter end of 26, a mom, and still relish my undergrad days...that never leaves you!

Megan said...

I love it! I am also no longer an undergrad (though I was when I started reading your blog), so I really appreciate the name change. When are you graduating?

Anonymous said...

I'm excited. I'm a senior this year, looking for my first apartment, and I feel like you'll be moving along with me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I saw your blog about a year ago right after I graduated from undergrad and I wished I had seen it sooner! Well now I am going to graduate school in a month and I am looking at your suggestions to have the best apartment layout ever. Are you going to be making any more layouts for characters from television shows I especially like the penny from the big bang theory apartment page And wanted to know if you had any other characters TV rooms that were similar! I love your website and I will most definitely Sh Share it with all my