Birthday for Me, Giveaway for You! (Closed)

Hello, my lovely readers!  Today happens to be my 24th birthday.  :)  And I've got a special giveaway in store for you!  There will be two winners, which makes this one a real delight.  Plus, what I'm giving away happens to be something quite close to my heart and often in my hands.

In the meantime, you know what would make a lovely birthday present?  "Like" or "share" Lovely Undergrad on Facebook.  Follow or mention @LovelyUndergrad on Twitter.  And maybe pick out a favorite blog post and share it somewhere in the social media world.  Please and thank you! :)

The giveaway will be posted at noon today!  Good luck!


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Camille said...

Happy birthday Jessica! I hope you have a lovely day! :)