Spring Bedding Came Early, Coffee + Tea Bar, and Blue Felt

I've been busy re-arranging and making some changes in my bedroom, but to tide you over until the full reveal I thought I'd share a few of those changes with you this morning.  As you can see above, the beige and black damask is gone.  Normally this colorful quilt doesn't make an appearance until March or April (it's my springtime/summertime bedding)... but I have warmer weather, sundresses, and singing birds on the mind so it returned early.  Maybe spring will, too!  As soon as I threw the colorful quilt and pillows on the bed, I couldn't help but dance a happy jig.  Color, pattern, and flowers will do that to a girl. ;)

This next update might just be the best thing I've ever done in my room.  While rummaging my closet, I came across my tiny (and barely used) coffee pot that I'd stored away when I found out my roommate already had one.  I decided I needed a coffee/tea bar in the corner of my room.  (Because going all the way down to the kitchen is just too much.  And I like the convenience.)  I keep a filtering pitcher of water quite fresh and a tray of Earl Gray, Irish Breakfast, and Seattle's Best coffee well stocked.  This little corner is one of life's luxuries right now.

Lastly, I have a call for help.  Besides the fact that this may or may not be the creepiest photo I've ever taken of myself... I have a @#$%-ton of blue felt.  What's a girl to do?  Tell me.  What should I make out of this stuff?

That's all for now, folks!  My room is 90% in order right now (a rarity) so I'm going to try to snap full-tour pics this weekend.  Have a lovely Saturday and Sunday!  xoxo.


Anonymous said...

A Cookie Monster costume for Halloween...?

Marian said...

I kind of thought that was a snuggie. haha I have one, and it's the same exact royal blue color. :) and I love your wall art!

Sarah Walsh said...

I saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought of your blue felt!


Mary said...

You could sew a three quarter sleeve jacket with it for when the weather reaches that in-between temperature, and line it with something satiny, in a complimenting print (I'm thinking a light blue and green on ivory ditsy floral).