Impromptu Mini-Tour of My Attic Bedroom

 I'm spending this snow day inside staying nice and cozy, doing homework, bonding with my new Samsung tablet, and enjoying the solitude.  Despite being nearly half-way through March, Mother Nature decided to dump some snow on us Iowans again. (The photo above is the view out the window above my bed.) I'm really hoping for a decent, snow-free St. Paddy's Day next weekend... but we'll see.  In the meantime, I decided to snap some photos of my attic bedroom using my new Samsung tablet.  (And the Fhotoroom app for a little fun editing.)  Be warned, I didn't clean my room to spick-and-span quality before taking these, so you're going to get to see a bit of creative chaos in some corners. ;)

Here's the tea/coffee corner of my built-in desk.  Bringing a coffee maker, water-filtering pitcher, and stash of tea, coffee, and sugar up to my room was one of my brightest ideas.  I love the convenience of being able to make a cup of tea without trudging down to the kitchen.  (Sometimes I like to hibernate up in this attic, y'know.)

Confession time: Most days I don't make my bed.  So here's the bed nook on a typical, unmade afternoon.  Messy, yes, but cozy as ever.   Still rocking the string lights around my window.  I turn on the white ones when reading in bed.  And the colorful ones are divine when snuggled up with a cup of tea and Downton Abbey.  Those red things are feathers I haphazardly stuck up there.  Sometimes I don't go by a "designy theme"... sometimes, I just incorporate little details that make me happy. 

 This is one of my favorite corners in my attic: my lovely, little orange turntable!  The boyfriend surprised me with Ramona Falls' Prophet on vinyl for my birthday.  (He knows what I like!)  Besides being totally psyched to be able to listen to Brent Knopf's musical genius on vinyl, I'm delighted that the records are colored: one is a pretty shade of robin's egg blue, the other a vibrant yellow. 

I keep a lot of my jewelry on my smaller dresser.  (Necklaces hang on the nearby wall.)  As you can see, it tends to end up a bit unkempt.  This girl's got a lot of earrings, bracelets, and rings.  The jewelry sorter (left) was a TJ Maxx find a couple years ago.  The gold tray was a Goodwill score that I gather a bunch of things on: old cigar tin, round candle tin, bowl of painted skeleton keys, spray painted Roman bust, white deer figurines, candles, hand form ring-holder, vase, wine bottle-turned-bracelet keeper.  It gets a little cluttered, but I like it that way. ;)

You can tell a lot about a girl by looking at her bookcase.  Here's mine.  It's stuffed full of historical fiction novels, non-fiction about ancient Pompeii, a few Italian recipe books, and a bunch of decorating books.  

My closet is hands down the most difficult area of my room to keep tidy.  Even after giving a bunch of clothes to my sisters, the space is overflowing.  I also have an abundance of scarves.  (And I need to get around to buying a new mirror as this one is broken.)  :(  

 I always have a small stack of beloved books next to my bed.  The one on the bottom is what I'm currently reading: Elizabeth Kostova's The Swan Thieves.  The long, skinny one is a notepad for jotting down ideas and inspiration that strike me.  And the other two are old poetry books that I love and adore.

Warning: You're entering a disaster zone.  I set up a make-up/hair area in the other window nook because, well, I tend to get very messy with cosmetics and didn't want the bathroom sink to always look like this.  I try to keep my makeup contained within an old, vintage toolbox, but I'm not always so motivated. 

Lastly, here's a shot of the shelves above my crafting desk (just to the left of my coffee/tea bar).  High above, I keep my stash of spray paint.  I can't wait for springtime to arrive so that I can get my spray paint on outdoors.  On the shelf at right I keep tiny paint cans stocked with writing utensils, scissors, and such.  This open shelving and craft desk overlooks the stairwell up to my attic bedroom.

And there you have it!  An impromptu tour of my bedroom in its natural state.  All of these photos were taken using my Samsung Ativ Smart PC tablet and edited with the Fhotoroom app for Windows 8. 


Camille said...

Looks like a lovely space! I'm so jealous of all the fun nooks and crannies, I wish I lived in an old house like that! :)

Lami said...

I loved the Historian by Elizabeth Kostovo and am also reading the Swan Thieves right now. I find it a little bit confusing. Love the room tour.

Sarah said...

Love the design. WHat are the papers you've used as wallpaper?

Anonymous said...

As usual, I love your space! It's amazing and it looks so cozy; I could see Jo from Little Women living in a spot like that (if she lived in current times). LOL :)

Suzzy said...

Looks great! I always think the slightly messy room is an under appreciated art form.

Unknown said...

your room looks so whimsical mixed with shabby-chic! love it!