Meet Clover 2 | Samsung ATIV Smart PC

A while back, you may remember me posting a review about my Acer Iconia W510.  While I had nothing but good things to say about the Windows 8 tablet, I did experience a touchscreen malfunction with it due to an error on my part (I think).  So while Clover (as I called her) could be fixed, Intel offered to do a swap.  I'd send the Acer back and get sent another tablet to try in return.  So Clover 2.0 the Samsung ATIV Smart PC came into my life.  And it's been exceedingly lovely ever since.

Before shipping the Acer back, I snapped a few side-by-side photos for comparison's sake.
 1. Looking Good.  The Acer Iconia was sleek and modern with its crisp white casing... but I'm smitten with the slick, brushed metal, pale almost-perwinkle surface that encases the Samsung ATIV Smart PC.  It's curvy and smooth in all the right places.  It also comes loaded with some pretty backgrounds for my app screen. 

2. Size Matters. Sometimes the best things really do come in tiny packages.  But in this case, I love the extra inches the Samsung has up on Acer.  I like viewing others' and my own images, blogs, and work on as big a screen as possible.  (I loathe the idea of blogging or using Pinterest on a smart phone. That's just me.)  So sacrificing screen size was something I definitely worried about when it came to tablet usage.  The Acer size wasn't bad, but I still found myself wishing it was bigger.  The 11.6 width of the Samsung is perfect.  It's large enough to fulfill my need for a good sized screen, but still small enough to be easily used and carried. 

Samsung on the left, Acer on the right.
3. Weighing In. Before I received my Samsung tablet, I read some reviews that complained about its weight.  Reviewers said it was too heavy and their hand/arm got tired holding it for extended periods of time.  I haven't had any problems with its weight.  It's heavier than an e-reader and the Acer, but I like the sturdiness.  And even with my small hands and dainty wrists, I have no problem holding it up!
My app screen (such a pretty gray background!) on my Samsung.
4. 8 is Great. Here's the part where I ramble on and on about how much I love Windows 8.  Like the Acer, this baby comes with the full Windows 8 and I'm as head-over-heels as ever.  The time between tablets---a.k.a. the Dark Age without Windows 8---was a doozy.  I missed the sleekness.  I found myself wanting to reach out to my laptop screen, hit the Windows button, and slide from app to app.  I'm not an Apple user. While I can smoothly maneuvre my way around a Mac computer and appreciate certain aspects, I'm not a fan of the iPad. (Don't hate!)  To me, Windows 8 is intuitive while I struggle with commands and how to accomplish basic functions on an iPad.  Windows 8 just serves my thinking and intuition better. 

Windows 8 app store. 
5. App Happy.  This is a whole 'nother blog post in itself since there are so many wonderful apps I've discovered.  From apps that help me stay productive and apps that keep me informed to apps that bring social media to my fingertips and apps that keep me entertained.  I'll have several blog posts coming this week all about my favorite apps.  (Now if only Instagram would get their act together and create a Windows 8 app!)

6. Keying In. As with the Acer, there is a keyboard dock available for this tablet but I do not currently have it.  It's on my list of things to eventually buy when I have the extra money, but for now I'm doing just fine with the onscreen touch keyboard.  And the Samsung has something even better...

See that little thing in the corner by my hand?  That's the hidden stylus!
7. Hidden Stylus. I had my Samsung for about a week before I realized this nifty little feature. First, I discovered that the tablet has an option for handwriting words rather than typing them on the keyboard. Using my finger was okay, but a bit sloppy. I knew a stylus would be the solution. The same day that I almost went to buy a stylus, my boyfriend came to town. I let him play around with the tablet and caught him using a stylus he'd pulled out of the corner of the back of the tablet.  Fancy that!  A built-in stylus!  I use the handwriting feature more than typing now.  It's so easy to write what I want to type right on the screen.  The stylus also enables me to right click when I need to, like when I'm using the Windows desktop feature, want to copy and paste, etc.

Nifty little hiding spot!
8. Say Cheese. As with the Acer, I love the Samsung camera. I would say that it's about the same quality since I'm not noticing a difference.  I'm definitely using it more than my point-and-shoot camera... unless I'm actually taking photos of the tablet. ;) 

Love the pale almost-periwinkle color of the tablet!
9. Sounds Good.  As I mentioned before, the Samsung has speakers built into the front of the tablet on the left and right of the screen.  This makes a bigger difference in sound quality than I expected.  When listening to music or watching Netflix, I love having the sound directed right toward me.  

10. Long Lasting. Review sources I read before receiving the tablet said that it has a shorter battery life than the Acer, but I haven't noticed a difference.  I haven't measured out how often I need to charge my tablet... but it hasn't become an inconvenience and I'm impressed with the battery  life.

11. Smooth Operator. This tablet runs on the Intel Atom Processor Z2760. What does that mean?  Speed and power.  A tablet won't replace my big laptop. And it can't run all the things my laptop can (Adobe Creative Suite, for example).  So I won't be getting rid of my laptop.  But dang, this tablet is fast and powerful.  I can run several apps, multi-task, slide from one app to the next without delay, and do all the things I need to do on the go: check and send email, social network, blog, pin, listen to music, watch Netflix, find restaurants and shops, edit photos, the list goes on and on.  Is it a tablet or a computer?  It's a tablet that thinks it's a computer. ;)

Samsung Windows 8 app screen.
12. Fun Fun! Besides all of the stuff it can do, the tablet is also a pleasure to use.  I enjoyed my time with the Acer, but me and this Samsung are attached at the hip.  I don't go anywhere without it.  I found a lovely case for it.  It helps me, inspires me, and entertains me. I've really never adored a piece of technology so much.

And now you know all about Clover 2!  What's to come this week?  Posts about my favorite apps!  So stay tuned on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Questions?  Ideas?  Leave a comment here, on The Lovely Side Facebook page, or Tweet @TheLovelySide.  Get at me and Clover!

Full Disclosure:  I received the Samsung ATIV Smart PC with Windows8 for free from Intel to review and help promote Windows8 tablets.  I'm free to write whatever I think.  The thoughts and opinions shared on this blog and my social media accounts regarding this tablet are entirely my own.  


M.A.M. said...

Thanks for the informative review!
Do you still use your kindle ereader to read or do you find the tablet is replacing that?

Unknown said...

My Samsung tablet has definitely replaced my Kindle e-reader. (Granted, my Kindle was one of the first models, so it wasn't a fancy Kindle Fire or anything.) I love the Kindle reader app on my tablet! :)