Monica's Black and White Dorm at SCAD

I love seeing bland dorm rooms turned into lovely spaces... especially when these spaces belong to you readers!  Today I'm featuring Monica's first year dorm at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in Georgia.  Monica transferred to SCAD from Venezuela to finish a BFA in Graphic Design.  Before we tour the rest of her dorm room, let's check out the "before" image!

Above is a "before" photo Monica snapped of the space.  While she was lucky enough to enjoy a single, the tiny room is a tight space with a small window.  It came furnished with the typical dorm furniture, blank white walls, and industrial carpet.  

Since storage space was a major issue in her small single dorm, Monica lifted her dorm bed to its highest possible position to take advantage of the space underneath. She bought some cheap black fabric to hide the storage.  Cubicle shelving next to the bed serves as a nightstand and organization for textbooks.  Black bins slide in and out to hide clutter.   Nearby, she can design for hours in a comfy, stylish, and modern white-and-chrome desk chair.  

Monica keeps the nightstand tidy and pretty with a small lamp, stack of magazines, and two glass bowls.

One bowl corrals jewelry like watches and bracelets, while the other holds decorative pebbles.

She stuck to a strict palette of black, white, gray, and teal.  To decorate the wall behind her bed, Monica bought a $20 block of scrapbook paper in all black and white motifs.

She used the rest of the scrapbook paper on a nearby wall, folding some pieces to create pockets perfect for holding notes and sketches.  

Monica has since moved out of this dorm and into a downtown apartment.  She's currently painting and setting everything up, but will send photos my way when she's all settled in.  Thanks for sharing the photos, Monica and good luck with the rest of your degree at SCAD!  And we look forward to photos of your apartment!

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Sarah said...

Nice to be reminded that dorms don't have to be typically dirty and messy! Inspiration to keep mine looking nice :)