Silver Seive | New Song & Video from Snowmine!

Take a break from whatever you're doing.  I have a musical treat your ears are sure to enjoy.  Back in January, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite bands Snowmine play.  I posted photos and swooned all about their music in the post Music Spotlight: Snowmine.

I love this band's music. So I was thrilled find an email in my inbox from band member Jay Goodman to inform me Snowmine had finished their soon-to-be-released second album. I'm so excited for them and so excited for the album release!  (You can bet I want that baby on vinyl.)

To tide me and other fans over 'til then, Snowmine released a new song ("Silver Sieve") along with a wonderful hand-drawn video illustrated by artist Martin Francis Shields.  The video was created by putting together pieces from a larger work by Shields called "Senestrorsum."

Beautiful illustrations, centaurs, and one man's epic quest come together in the music video.  So without further ado, enjoy:

Check out my previous post on Music Spotlight: Snowmine here.  Also, visit the Snowmine website, follow Snowmine on Twitter, and like the Snowmine Facebook page for updates, new music, and tour dates. 

And tell me what you think!  :)

P.S. In band photo above, photography: Kosuke Matsuo // Vinegar Studios.

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