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I stumbled upon this adorable piece of furniture on Pinterest today.  It's perfectly retro and I just have to gush about it.  The Flat Shelf Book Truck, available via School Outfitters, is a modern piece of furniture reminiscent of vintage school libraries.

What I love about it (besides the sixteen delightful colors it comes in) is its versatility.  You could use this darling as a bookshelf, nightstand, side table, entertainment center if you have a small flat screen, mobile desk space, vanity, bathroom storage, dry bar, kitchen cart, etc.

I had a little bit of fun styling my four favorite colors of the book truck on Olioboard.
 Left: Old School Library, Right: Vintage Feminine
Left: Working It in Bold, Right: Neutral Chic

The piece normally runs for $444, which is a little pricey for a college/young professional budget... yet not bad considering the use you could get out of it.  But right now it's on sale for just under $296.99!  If I had the extra $300 laying around right now, you can bet I'd be jumping on that deal and buying one of these darlings shelves for my new place.  *sigh*  I'll just hope the sale lasts a couple months.  ;)  In the meantime, you should let me know which color is your favorite!  (...And let me know if you buy one!  Though I'll be mighty jealous!)

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