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I love soap.  Like, not just in a "suds up and get clean" sense.  But a special sort of excited sense.  I guess you could blame it on my sensitive, eczema-prone, allergic-to-everything skin.  I'm picky when it comes to what I lather up with.  (A bad soap doesn't just leave me wanting more... it can leave me with dry, cracking, rash-ridden skin.)  So when I find a soap that smells good, feels good, aaaand does good, I get all sorts of bubbly about it.

I've rounded up my favorite three brands of soap and my two favorite scents from each of those brands.  My favorites are in no particular order because the soaps are all quite different from each other.  

Once upon a time a lovely Southern belle by the name of Caitlin Abshier started making soap and turned the hobby into a savvy business.  (I blogged about her and even hosted a giveaway of Revive soap back in 2011 here.)  It's been a while since I've used her soap, but I'm starting to get a craving.  All of Revive's handmade soaps are made using all natural plant-based oils and scented using pure essential oils.  No synthetic scents. No parabens, chemicals, synthetics, or harsh preservatives.  High quality and handmade equals happy skin.  My favorite scents are the True Lavender and Classy Oatmeal.  The lavendar is perfectly sweet and floral without being overbearingly flowery.  The relaxing effects are nice, too.  The oatmeal is a simple, natural smelling soap with just a hint of almond.  I love the mild exfoliation it provides as well.

Yardley has been in the sudsy soap industry since 1770 and I just discovered their soap a few weeks ago. Bars of Yardley are made with pure extracts, essential oils, and natural ingredients.  The bars are curved and delightfully smooth, plus they're an inexpensive luxury ringing in at a mere dollar or two.  My favorite is the English Lavender.  (I'm a sucker for lavendar-scented soap, apparently.)  It's calming, sweet, and just the right amount of floral.  I wash my face with it every night and use it during evening showers to unwind after a stressful day.  Coming in second is the Oatmeal & Almond.  It smells sweet, yummy, and uncomplicated.  It's currently my daily go-to bar.

Zum Bar soap is all-natural and made from goat's milk soap, which is at the heart of why I love it so much.  Nothing leaves my dry, sensitive skin feeling so smooth, clean, moisturized, and best of all: balanced.  At the top of my Zum Bar list (and I've tried many) is the coffee almond scent.  The java-afficianado in me just adores a shot of this vanilla latte scented soap first thing in the morning.  It seriously smells good enough to eat.  I love the exfoliation factor, too---the bars have coffee grounds in them!  The runner up would be the almond scented bar.  Almond is just one of my favorite scents ever and Zum Bar's smells super sweet, perfectly nutty, and very delicious.  It reminds me of the almond paste filling of a Dutch Letter.  Yummay!

And there you have it!  My top six soapy favorites.  There should be more to come.  I've got my heart set on trying some lovely handmade soaps being sold at the local British shoppe here in town.  I'm just having trouble deciding between all of the luscious fragrances: almond, lavender, and wine?! Oh, my!

What are you favorite soaps?  

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Camille said...

Oh I love the Yardley English Lavender soap too, and they are like a dollar, which is great! Another inexpensive one I like is the Clearly Natural Aloe Vera, it just has such a clean fresh smell! I also love Bee & Flower Rose Soap, it is really lovely. Oh, and I like Dr. Bronner's bar soaps too. Oh and I once got a bar of this french soap (Roger & Gallet I think was the brand) at a gift shop somewhere, it was, Lettuce scented, sounds weird I know but it was so lovely! Um, yeah, I kinda love soap too, lol :)