Orange Couches (Yes, I got one!)

That's right.  I now have a gorgeous, bright orange, retro sofa in my ownership.  I'm sooo excited to find, settle in, and start decorating my own place.  My orange sofa is going to look fabulous with my pair of turquoise chairs.  To get my creative decorating juices flowing, I scavenged Pinterest for all the pretty orange couches I could find and rounded them up right here.  (My couch is at the very bottom!)

Ooooh, this dark tangerine sofa looks lovely with pops of light and hot pink.

Orange stands out in a room full of black, white, and gray.  And isn't that little guy adorable?!

Damask pillows in green, dark pink, and orange dress up this modern orange couch. 

Citrus-y orange and yellow, toned down with some navy blue.

Gahh! Love this orange couch with all the cream and splashes of pink and blue.

This orange couch brings out the golden glow in the portraits hanging above.  (LOVE the pillows!)

The orange hue takes centerstage amid a gray background and eclectic mix of art.

So very vintage right here!  I love the metallic gleam of gold rollers.  

Her apartment is just too, too pretty!  Orange gets glam with pink accents and shiny metallics.

This vintage beauty is gorgeous.  And I love the easy-to-switch-up art display behind it.

*Gasp!*  This is my kind of couch!  I love the baroque legs and bright colors.

Ooooh, crushed velvet.  This dark orange is so pretty with a washed-out teal backdrop.

How could someone not be happy surrounded by all these glorious colors?!

Orange and blue is truly a match made in color combination heaven.  

And now for the moment you've been waiting for... the big reveal of MY COUCH!

Here she is!  Bold orange.  Retro silhouette.  Real vintage.  Gold rollers on the front.  Plush upholstery.

I love how it leans back, too!  Soo comfy!  It's lightweight and easy to move, too.  

So what do you think?  Totally my style, right? ;)  

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