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Happy Friday! If you follow The Lovely Side on Twitter or Facebook, you probably saw the news. While TheLovelySide.com will still be my main squeeze and number one blog priority, but I've decided to keep things fresh and start another project on the side. Enter: Yeast, Love, & Hoppiness.  


Go Out on a Limb | Meetup & Making New Friends

Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.

Since ringing in 2013, I've been going out on a lot of limbs. And there's been some juicy, delicious fruit out on the tips of those branches. I told a friend and long-time crush that I adored him - and turns out, we make a pretty great couple. I interviewed for a job position two hours away - and I here I am relocated to Eastern Iowa working at a full-time job I enjoy going to bright and early every morning. Some branches have been more shaky than others - like finding my own apartment. But overall, I've been quite blessed with the tree I'm climbing. Now it's time to go out on another limb: making friends.


Summertime Craft Beer Fest | What to Wear

Happy summertime, lovelies! Today is the first official day of summer... and it's finally starting to feel like it here in Iowa with that glorious humidity and 90-degree weather. I'll be enjoying that sultry weather on Saturday when the bf and I trek to Des Moines for the Iowa Craft Brew Festival. I'm. So. Very. Excited! You see, I'm quite the beer aficionado. I'm a darker beer lover at heart, but I'm dipping my toes (errr, uh... tastebuds) into IPAs lately. This should be an especially fun date.


Happy Friday!

Finally a weekend that I don't have to spend driving over an hour outta town, packing, moving, and all that relocation stuff. Finally a weekend to spend equal parts relaxing and having fun. I'm putting off the unpacking, organization, and unpacking for the weekend. Instead, I'll be trying a new pizza joint with my bf and seeing some long-lost friends who I haven't seen in over a month who are camping nearby. I'm also curtain shopping today... so that's exciting. :)

Have a lovely weekend! I'll see you back on The Lovely Side bright and early Monday morning. 


Nix the Desk Niche – I Want a Book Nook!

Since my new apartment includes three spacious closets, I have plenty of storage space in the hallway and bathroom closets. The bedroom closet is door-less and has a great window, so I don't have the heart to fill it up with clothes and boxes to create an eyesore. In a recent post, I toyed around with the idea of creating a workspace in the wardrobe

Since I got my furniture last Saturday, I squeezed one of my desks into the closet and lived with it for a few days. Tonight, I pulled it out. It just wasn't working. For several reasons:

1. I don't need two desks in this bedroom. My attic was spacious and one desk was used as a vanity. I don't need to do that here. So two desks within a close proximity to each other just felt... well, weird.


Want to decorate like a tv or movie character? I'm taking requests!

Decorating inspiration can come from many sources. Television shows and movies are two of my favorites. :) The TV and Film Lookalike Decor features provide that onscreen inspiration from your favorite characters. So far, I've covered:

New Girl: Jess & the Guys Big Bang Theory: Penny 2 Broke Girls: Max & Caroline What's Your Number?: Ally Darling Pretty Little Liars: Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer Gossip Girl: Serena, Blair Vampire Diaries: Elena Underworld: Selene Atonement: Cecilia & Briony

I get a lot of requests for additional lookalike tv and film spaces... via comments, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it's easy for comments to get buried, emails to get lost, and social media notifications to get overlooked. I know there have been some awesome suggestions, but I just can't remember and keep track of them all.

Fresh, Eclectic Inspiration | The Look for Less with Kirkland's

I love a good deal – especially when it comes to decorating. When you're a student or young professional on a budget, bargain hunting is the name of the game. You're more likely to find me scouring discount retailers, thrift shops, antique stores, and Craigslist rather than Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and West Elm. Those home stores – as lovely as they are – would take a big toll on my bank account. And while I say I may shop there someday with my "future disposal income"... the truth is that I'm a bargain shopper through and through.

So when Kirkland's challenged me to scavenge major store websites for lustworthy home decor then track down similar, lower priced items from Kirland's... I rose to the occasion, of course. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the fresh design, stylish furniture, and bright colors. (Sadly, I don't have any Kirkland's nearby to experience.)


For your listening pleasure... "Not even the poets"

It's the simple pleasures in life that matter. Like good music and good naps. The way the sunlight floods my bedroom through the windows on the west wall between 4 and 6 pm makes for ideal (and somewhat irresistible) napping. 

Since I unpacked all yesterday late afternoon and evening, I decided to take the night off and do nothing. It's been a little while since I just relaxed in my own bed, listening to music, scrolling through Pinterest, and eating spring rolls.

Unpacking Progress in the New Place

I've been a bit AWOL – or more accurately, up to my neck in moving boxes and surrounded by furniture. Slowly but surely, I'm getting my new apartment unpacked. The decorating will come next. ;) I misplaced my camera in the mess, but came across it and snapped some progress pics to share for those of you who are curious. 

Pictured above is my bedroom's progress. If you can look beyond the huge pile of stuff in the foreground, you can see the beginnings of a desk nook in the closet. ;) I'm not sold on the idea – especially with another desk close by – but I'm testing it out.


Natural Shea Butter Lotion from Revive Handmade Bath & Body Giveaway (Closed)

And the winner of the Revive Handmade Bath & Body Giveaway is...

Claire, who said:

"I definitely think that I'd go for the Blue Fir lotion,
the combination of scents sounds so intriguing."

Having used it myself, Claire, I can assure you that it
smells as good as the combination sounds! Congrats!

And thank you, Caitlin, for the fabulous giveaway!

* * * * * * This giveaway is now closed. * * * * * * 
Please check back frequently for more giveaways! :)

You may have heard me rave about Revive Handmade Bath & Body before. (I blogged about her and even hosted a soap giveaway back in 2011, as well as listed her soap as one of my all-time favorite soaps in another post.) Lovely young lady Caitlin Abshier started making soap and found a way to turn the hobby into a savvy business. She's expanded from soaps into handmade lotions, lip balms, and linen sprays. High quality and handmade equals happy skin. Her stuff smells good and it's good for your skin!


I've Come Over to the Light Side | 10 Bedroom with White Walls, But Not Lacking Color


I've always been a live-in-saturated-color kinda gal. My childhood bedroom was yellow. Then hot pink. Followed by orange. Eventually a beautiful deep shade of turquoise. I grew up confined by walls that my mom and grandmother painted red, purple, yellow, and pink. But except for the one time I lived in an apartment I could paint (and painted the lovely Anonymous gray by Sherwin Williams) I've gotten used to the idea of white walls. I've finally come over to the light side.


Quick 'n' Tasty Chicken Avocado Sandwich

Toward the end of my work shift tonight, I was hit with massive avocado cravings. I could probably blame it on a five minute scroll through Pinterest on my break or even my bf's nobody-makes-it-better guacamole. But I needed avocado and I needed it NOW. I couldn't get it now. So right after work I hit up Target to get the goods. You see, in my last fifteen minutes at work, I conjured up a sandwich idea that sounded irresistible. And it turned out delicious!

10 Small Space Dining Areas

As I'm sitting here in my empty apartment, I have a lot of time to think about furniture arrangement. The bedroom will be a piece of cake—it's huge and will hold my entire bedroom suite easily. It's in the kitchen / living room space that I'm going to have to get more creative. I'm trying to figure out if I'll have enough room for a dining table. You see, I have these really sweet lime green vinyl chairs with chrome legs. You've never seen them here on the blog because—well, I haven't had space for them for two years so they've been packed away at my parents' house.


Moving In | My Bare Necessities

I got the keys to my place this past weekend and moved in my bed, some clothes, and the bare living necessities. However, since I'm waiting to take advantage of family (my dad, mom, and sisters will be able to help next weekend) all of my furniture, kitchen stuff, decor, etc. etc. etc. is not yet here with me in the apartment.


Tour of My New Home Sweet Apartment!

The day I've been waiting for finally arrived! This past weekend I got the keys to my new place and moved in my bed, some clothes, and day-to-day living necessities. It's so surreal to finally have my own place. The attic I lived in last was pretty private, but I didn't have the whole space to myself. Staying all by myself there last night was bittersweet – and a little weird. Bittersweet because over the course of staying with my bf for the past month, I've grown accustomed to seeing him often, eating with him, etc. I was excited to have my own place, but definitely missing him before he even walked out the door! ;) It was weird because... well, it's an old house. I'm not accustomed to the random creaking and noises in the night. I'm afraid I'm going to conjure up a ghost with my own imagination. :P

Anyway... without further ado, let's take a quick tour. I'm just barely moved in – just my bed is here! All the rest of my furniture will be coming next weekend and I'll be able to start unpacking and decorating. So excuse the mess while you look around.