Unpacking Progress in the New Place

I've been a bit AWOL – or more accurately, up to my neck in moving boxes and surrounded by furniture. Slowly but surely, I'm getting my new apartment unpacked. The decorating will come next. ;) I misplaced my camera in the mess, but came across it and snapped some progress pics to share for those of you who are curious. 

Pictured above is my bedroom's progress. If you can look beyond the huge pile of stuff in the foreground, you can see the beginnings of a desk nook in the closet. ;) I'm not sold on the idea – especially with another desk close by – but I'm testing it out.

It was kinda dark and dreary outside when I took these, but here's the living room progress. I don't have a proper stand for the television yet. And I still need to paint the frame of my other chair white. (Whoahh... that's a project left over from last summer!)  

My bathroom is coming along nicely. I got my lovely shower curtain hung – it looks perfect with the black and white claw foot tub and creamy, almost-yellow walls. (Ignore the weird scarf hanging at the bottom of my blinds. The blinds don't reach the bottom of the windowsill, so I finagled a scarf there for temporary privacy until I buy curtains.) 

I took my first bubble bath in that tub last night and I must confess that it was everything I'd hoped it'd be and more! :)

I'll be hitting up some local antique and thrift stores this weekend in search of a tv stand, coffee table, vintage suitcases, and possibly a dining table. So I'll keep you posted and try to remember to bring my camera along!

Have a lovely day!

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