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Space to Create | 11 White Desk Spaces

As an unabashed lover of color, it's taken me years of renting to fully come to appreciate a crisp, clean backdrop of white. White can really serve as a blank canvas. And I love the blank canvas look for creative spaces and work spots. Here are eleven white workspaces that vary from sleek modern to vintage chic.

8 Things I'm Loving About Cedar Rapids So Far

After uprooting from Ames, staying in Williamsburg while I apartment searched, and then officially relocating to Cedar Rapids, I've been living in my new place for over a month and a half now. With moving in, a couple weddings, and several jaunts out of town, it's been a busy summer. On the weekends I've actually spent in my new town, I've tried to get as acquainted with the town as possible. And I'm definitely liking it here. :)

My Apartment's Victorian House, Circa 1898

Ever since I stepped foot in the gorgeous Victorian that houses my apartment, I was smitten with its historical charm. Ever since I moved in, I find myself wondering about its past. Who built this huge, beautiful home? Who grew up here? Who passed away here? Did anyone get married here? Who lived in the three quarters at the rear of the second floor? Who awoke to the sun spilling in through the windows of my bedroom - as I do each day? Did a young woman ever watch anxiously out the window for her beau's carriage or car to come down the brick road? Did anyone ever sit at a desk in my bedroom - writing or typing intimate letters or stories?

Pining Away for Autumn Weather + Fall Fashion

I love summer. I adore the warm nights and I even like the humidity. But right about now, I find myself longing for autumn weather. Crisp air. Fiery foliage. Rainy fall days. I'm not going to wish away the summertime, but if you were putting up with this muggy Iowa weather you might just agree.  Mostly, I miss fall fashion. Jeans and boots. Soft sweaters. Scarves. Tights. Layers. Oh, how I love layers. To tide me over until autumn, I've rounded up some favorite fall looks that I look forward to wearing.

Feeling Gilty About Decorating

Not that kind of guilty . More of the ornate, gaudy, gold type of gilt. ;) As much as personal style can evolve, many of us have those little taste quirks that follow us through every space we get to decorate throughout life. For me, it's orange gold frames. I love them. I can probably blame it on a childhood obsession with Marie Antoinette, but the ardor for a gaudy gilt frame has stuck with. Once upon a time, my childhood style was a bit frou frou. And while it's now pretty eclectic and bohemian with touches of antiques and industrial, the gilt frame still pops up.  

Books Make a Place Feel More Like Home

Between a launching a new side blog, enjoying a busy July 4th weekend, ending up sick with a bit of a bug, and preparing for a presentation on social media at work... my new apartment has ended up more disorganized than unpacked. It's one of those apartment-wide monstrosities where I hardly know where to begin, so I'm just trying to pick up stuff and put it where it goes... as I go. Last weekend my parents brought up a few bags I couldn't fit in my SUV during the move. Mainly: bags of books. Oh, was I happy to lift those heavy bags and catch a glimpse of their lovely spines! Tonight, I put them all up in their rightful place on the bookshelf.

Update | Decorating the New Place, Starting Up the New Blog, and Planning for a Lovely 4th

First of all, I hope all of you US readers have a lovely July 4th! For the first time since I can remember, I'll have a 4-day weekend to enjoy festivities and relaxation. I'm not 100% sure what the weekend shall hold, but I'm foreseeing good food, good beer, and pretty fireworks. :) Anyone have special plans? Sorry for being sort of MIA around the blog lately. I've been continuing the un-packing and decorating process at my new place so that I can hopefully get some updated photos up soonly. Also, I've been working on the launch of a brand new blog where my bf and I will be sharing reviews and experiences on beer, breweries, and brew events. It's called Yeast, Love, & Hoppiness. .. so head on over if you're fond of a good brew and interested in trying new ones.