Feeling Gilty About Decorating

Not that kind of guilty. More of the ornate, gaudy, gold type of gilt. ;)

As much as personal style can evolve, many of us have those little taste quirks that follow us through every space we get to decorate throughout life. For me, it's orange gold frames. I love them. I can probably blame it on a childhood obsession with Marie Antoinette, but the ardor for a gaudy gilt frame has stuck with. Once upon a time, my childhood style was a bit frou frou. And while it's now pretty eclectic and bohemian with touches of antiques and industrial, the gilt frame still pops up.  

Here are some of my favorite ways to use gilt frames:

I love how the gilt gold frame contrasts with the shabby chic chicken wire, simple wooden desk, industrial chair, and modern desk lamp. So many styles brought together equals eclectic happiness.

Thick golden frames compete for attention with the graphic wallpaper and the result is stunning. I love the mix of antique and modern here.

A big, gold framed mirror is at the top of my want list. Strewn with string lights, this one is so pretty.

Framing photographs, silhouettes, patterns, and other prints in small gilt frames turns ordinary images into a posh art gallery. I would love to fill my bedroom wall with something like this.

This is right on par with what I want to do over my writing desk in my bedroom. A big gold frame around pretty patterned wallpaper. What a lovely inspiration board!

 Lastly, I love this idea for storing jewelry on tray drawers made from gold frames. So pretty.

I'm decorating my apartment little by little and you'll definitely be seeing some gilt gold frames throughout the space. (I'll post pictures soon, promise!)

Meanwhile, what little decorating quirk has stuck with your style throughout your life and various living spaces?

Images via here.

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