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Angela's Multi-functioning Small Space Charmer

Welcome to Angela's 375 sq ft space. It's not every day that I get to post a tour of an apartment belonging to someone I know. Angela and I both went to Iowa State University – I met her when I briefly wrote for the student-run fashion magazine Trend , which she went on to become co-editor-in-chief of. Now the blogger behind Tulips & Rain and an editorial associate in Des Moines, she moved into this garden level studio in the Sherman Hill neighborhood in June. In the 8-ish months of dwelling in her studio, Angela has diy'ed and decorated her way to making the small space functional and beautiful – while expressing her own unique style and sticking to a young professional budget. 

Wishlist 2.28 | Five Favored Finds

Time to share some of my favorite lovely finds from February.  First on the list – how have I come this far through life without seeing the beauty of an uncut diamond?! These uncut diamond studs are gorgeous. I love the raw, natural elegance and the hazy hue.

10 Uncommon Goods to Spruce Up Your Kitchen & Bar for Spring

With spring just around the corner (we can hope!), it's the perfect time to spruce up your kitchen and bar for the upcoming months of entertaining. Whether you need to stock up on new dinnerware, decorate your dining area , or amp up your bar – Uncommon Goods is your one-stop shop for unique, conversation-sparking items. Plus, half of what they sell is handmade, most products are made right here in the U.S., and one-third of the collection incorporate recycled or upcycled materials.

Living Room Revamp Plans | Threshold Windham Cabient | Purple + Orange

I've been lusting over Target's Threshold Windham Accent Cabinet ever since I saw it in store several, several months ago. Granted, I had my eye on the turquoise hued one. So I've been biding my time waiting for the cabinets to go on sale – or better yet, clearance. It finally happened... and at a time pretty convenient for me after just selling all my French provincial furniture.  Though I loved the turquoise cabinet, I ended up ordering the purple one online. 1) Purple is a color I rarely decorate with, but still love. So it's time to bring some purple into my space. 2) I like how purple looks with orange. And 3) the purple one was on sale for $90. And I scored free shipping. Woohoo!

Get Answers to Your Organization & Storage Questions!

Stumped by a storage challenge in your small space? Overwhelmed by organizing your dorm or studio apartment? A special guest will soon be gracing The Lovely Side to answer your storage and organization questions. To have your question considered, just comment!  Feel free to ask as many questions as you desire. If you need to send additional photos or details to further elaborate on your question, email them to . Ask away! Leave your question in a comment below! The Lovely Side is on: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Bedroom Revamp Progress | Hello Handsome Dresser & Expedit-esque Bookcase

This past weekend, I sold all of my vintage French provincial furniture : a vanity, a desk, two dressers, a hutch, and yes – even the nightstands. Since the furniture was scattered throughout my apartment, I'm truly starting fresh in what I get to pair with my remaining pieces. No more cream with gold accents. No more shabby chic. No more furniture that matches the set in Jackie's  That 70's Show 's bedroom. And I'm okay with it. I'm digging the fresh start.

Guest Post | How to Ace Your Next Interview | 12 A+ Tips from a Teacher

Spring is just around the corner. If you're a college student, you may be hunting for a summer internship. If you're a soon-to-be grad, finding a big girl job after graduation is probably at the top of your list. Interviews can be scary – whether you're interviewing for your first job, your dream job, or a summer or part-time job. As part of the new Working girls series , guest contributor, blogger, and newly hired teacher Chelsea is dropping in with 12 tips for acing your next interview.

DIY Quickie: Copper Vinyl Record Holder

I have a modest collection of vinyl albums – most of them being gifts from a certain feller that knows Ramona Falls, Of Monsters and Men, and The Lumineers are the way to my heart. Trouble is, I've been stumped when it comes to storage. I don't have enough records to constitute a big storage unit, but I don't want to simply stack them. I want them to be on display and within easy reach. After scavenging for a wire record rack to no avail, my boyfriend had the idea to buy a metal filer from an office supply store. Ingenious, right?!

Ted Ligety & YES | @CitiEveryStep #EveryStep | Citi + Every Step of the Way

Support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes by supporting Citi Every Step of the Way . All it takes is a simple click to help decide where $500,000 go. And today, I'm spotlighting one of the Olympians and his program in need of the funds. In 1995, young Ted Ligety started out ski racing. Despite getting off to a slow start, his love for skiing was too strong to give up. He persevered – studying faster kids, training year-round, and perfecting his technique through practice after practice.

Mid-Century Meets Turn-of-the-Century in this Victorian Apartment

I came across this apartment tour today and immediately found myself crushing on the dweller's style and penchant for making small, awkward spaces work. Plus, it's a turn-of-the-century apartment filled with mid-century modern touches. What's not to love?

Style Crush | Stripes + Polka Dots

Sometimes I fall into a groove of wearing the same thing over and over again. Well, not literally the same shirt or pants – the same style, details, idea. Lately, it's been stripes and polka dots. I'll wear them separately, too, but I love them just so much more when they come together. The polka dot + stripe pairing is all at once classic, crisp, feminine, modern, and fun. Above, a simple striped tee paired with a flouncy polka dotted skirt is made effortlessly cute and feminine with a statement necklace. ( weddingparty )

DIY Roundup | 10 Do-It-Yourself Desks

The more I search for a desk to replace my creamy writing desk in all her French provincial glory (she's being taken to her new home this weekend), the more I'm leaning toward taking a DIY approach. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect harvest table that would make a nice, big work and creative space – and that I could manage to get up my steep Victorian stairs and into my small space. In the meantime, I'm brainstorming some do-it-yourself ideas based on these inspiring desks. (Above: Four Generations One Roof )

La Vie Boheme | 10 Inspiring Bohemian Spaces

I love the mix and match of patterns, textiles, textures, and styles in a Bohemian space. It's so free spirited, so eclectic, so interested, and (of course) so lovely. Strike a Bohemian chord in your dorm or apartment with inspiration from these ten spaces. (above:  Hidden in France )

Guest Post | DIY: Modern Mason Jar Makeovers

I keep telling myself that springtime is just around the corner, but all the white stuff on the ground outside still has me shivering. While snow may still be falling, you can "spring forward" in your apartment with springtime decor. Give pretty pastels and florals a jump-start in your dwelling with this DIY mason jar makeover from guest contributor Rheney. It's as easy on the eyes as it is on your budget and do-it-yourself skill set. __________________________________ Modern Mason Jar Makeovers Guest Post by Rheney Williams There are so many lovely things in life. Sweet-smelling candles that brighten your mood as they brighten the room; an ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day; preserved fruit and vegetables picked at the peak of freshness and just waiting for you to open them up and sink your teeth in. And they all have one common thread connecting them together: Mason jars! But long gone are the days where you have to settle for your grandm

Help Give 500K to a U.S. Olympic / Paralympic Program in Need! Citi + Every Step of the Way

Hello lovelies! Just popping in to spread the word about a fantastic program: Every Step of the Way . There are 9 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. And 9 programs in need. Citi has donated $500,000 to the U.S. Olympic Committee to help these programs Every Step of the Way . And you can help with just a click. That's it! A simple click and you help decide where that money goes. It's never been easier to show your support for a great cause. Check out the video and the 9 athletes below!

My Mid-Century Modern Dresser has Arrived!

Yesterday, the good guys from Mad Modern delivered my long, low, MCM dresser. Clean lines, sleek silhouette, nice wood tones, and chic hardware – this dresser is a looker. I can't get over how handsome he is and couldn't wait to put him in his rightful place in my bedroom last night. (Yes, the dresser is a he.  I think he needs a name, too. Any mid-century modern suggestions?)

14 Last Minute (but lovely!) Valentine's Gifts

Have you put Valentine's gifts off to the last minute? Whether you're buying for a sweetheart, best friend, or family – from the obvious cards and candy to less traditional, spunky ideas that you know your recipient will love, here's a roundup of 14 items to get your ideas flowing. (And all color-coordinated, of course!) 1. For the writer, poet, or list-maker in your life, opt for a beautiful leather journal . Writing by hand feels so much more luxurious and nostalgic in a handsome journal as opposed to a spiral notebook.  2. Perfect for your retro-loving fashionista sister, roomie, or best friend, brighten up her dreary winter with sassy vintage-inspired shades . Spring's just around the corner, right? (Or so we keep telling ourselves...)

Bedroom Revamp Plans | Part 1: The Dresser

Remember how I was going on about how handsome mid-century modern dressers are? Well, somethings are just meant to be. One of my favorite shops here in Cedar Rapids posted quite a beauty to its Facebook page yesterday. A walnut, 6-drawer, clean-lined, sleek silhouetted, MCM dresser. And at a great price, too! It does need a little tender loving care on its finish – but I'm up for the do-it-yourself task. And it's not so bad that it has to be done right away. A little character on a piece is totally lovable in my book. (See the photo below!)

Long, Low, & Handsome: 7 Swoon-worthy MCM Dressers

I'm on the hunt for a long, low mid-century modern dresser with handsome wood tones, clean lines, and a sleek silhouette. I believe it would work in lovely contrast with my spray-painted red, wrought iron headboard, antique chairs, and eclectic mix of decor. I believe that so much that I'm actually parting ways with my vintage French provincial dressers. (via: Emily Henderson )

Switching Styles and Selling Furniture: Separation Anxiety

Above, you'll see the evolution of my personal decorating style. Things I'm planning on parting with. Things I'm keeping because they're a steady part of my style. And things I want to integrate into my space. The time has come to swap out the old and bring in some new. For the last year or so, I've been itching to switch up my style. Well, actually... my decorating style has shifted. The shift requires more than changing out some pillows, bedding, and curtains.

6 Renter-Friendly Backsplash DIY Ideas

We renters don't usually the luxury of a gorgeous backsplash. And installing one ourselves would probably break the lease rules. So what can we do? Temporary wallpaper. That's what we can do. In the photo above, brightly colored removable wallpaper brightens up the backsplash. What else can we do? Fabric. Tin tiles. Even place mats. Check out the ideas below:

Round-Up: 8 Lovely Lunch Boxes (for Toting Your Lunch to Work or Campus)

Brown bag it... without the brown bag! Inspired by today's earlier guest post packed pull of Tips for Bringing Your Lunch to Work , I scavenged around for some of the prettiest lunch packers I could find. From a classic mason jar to bento boxes – and even a traditional Indian tiffin box – here are eight beauties that will perfectly tote your lunch to campus or the office.

Guest Post | Bring Your Lunch to Work (Benefits + Tips + Recipes)

Dining out or eating in the dining hall or workplace cafeteria can add up quickly – not only in dollars, but also in pounds. Below, guest contributor Daria Patrusheva highlights the benefits of packing your lunch, provides some friendly tips, and shares some of her favorite take-to-work recipes. ____________________________________ Tips for Bringing Your Lunch to Work Guest Post by Daria Patrusheva Let me just begin by saying, I am not one of those people who bike to work and eat kale for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I find many cookbooks overwhelming with their abundance of exotic ingredients and unrealistic preparation times. As a student, I juggled full-time studies, two part-time jobs, and volunteer commitments, which often resulted in chaotic eating schedules and dependence on frozen pizza and food from the cafeteria.

Springtime Delight: Brights + White

It's only February and there's still a good couple months of winter left here in Iowa – or more, since snow in April and May is outlandish but not rare. After getting another 3 inches of the white fluffy stuff last night and enduring a 30-minute, fish-tailing commute (as opposed to my typical 7-minute drive), I can officially say that I'm over winter. Over it, over it, over it. 

4 Cinematic Date Night Looks for Endless Love | Coming to Theaters February 14 #EndlessLove

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. With Endless Love  hitting theaters on February 14, it's the perfect excuse to get gussied up and hit the cinema for a Valentine's movie date with your guy – or a "Galentine's" movie night with your best girlfriends.  Endless Love stars Alex Pettyfer (you've seen in him Magic Mike ) and Gabriella Wilde (also in The Three Muskateers ). It's the story of a privileged girl (Jade) and a charismatic boy (David) whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart. It's jam-packed with young love set to the tunes of a fantastic soundtrack featuring Tegan and Sara, Franz Ferdinand, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Lord Huron.

Studio Apartment Spotlight | A Clean & Colorful Studio in Budapest

I have a soft spot for small spaces, especially studio apartments. When I stumbled across this one – with its gorgeous wood floors, sun-drenched white walls, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves – I couldn't not share it here on the blog.