Pick Your Perfect Perfume with Pinrose

The changing of the seasons is also a great time for changing up your scent. For me, picking out a new fragrance is a big deal. It's a process. And it really comes down to: How does this scent smell on me? Because fragrances smell different on different people – depending on their body chemistry, their clothing, their daily activities. A fragrance that smells divine in the bottle might disappear on my skin. Or it may smell underwhelming on the tester tab, but take on delightful notes on my pulse points. Picking perfumes can be just plain tricky.


Decorating on a Budget | Bargain Hunting Tips: Clearance, Dollar Stores, and Thrift Shops – Oh My!

I'm a shameless bargain shopper. It's all about the thrill of the hunt. You can find me in my natural habitats, which include: scavenging the household items at Goodwill, buzzing around clearance aisles at Target and TJ Maxx, and scrolling through Craigslist multiple times a day. Sometimes I find nothing. I don't score a good deal every time. But the triumphant rush of money-saving moxie that comes over me when I find a fabulous pair of perfect-condition vintage curtains at Goodwill –or an adorable teacup and saucer at TJ Maxx, or a half price rug at Target, or a handsome piece of antique furniture off of Craigslist – is soooo worth it.

Friends (and blog readers) are often asking how I do it. So I decided to round up a few of my tried and true tips for your next bargain hunting excursion.


Glam of Thrones Giveaway | Win a Copy of 'The Ring and the Crown' + Glam Makeup (Closed)

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What makes you feel glamorous? For me, it's a good hair day, swipe of mascara, and a great shade of red lipstick. When I feel more like spending a relaxing night in, some delightful smelling candles and a pageturner feel just as glam. Today on The Lovely Side, I'm kicking off a giveaway that pairs together two of my favorite simple but glam pleasures. One lucky winner will receive a copy of The Ring and the Crown and a glam makeup collection.


My Bedroom Inspiration Board | Floral + Stripes, Red + Green, Vintage + Eclectic

I've been fine-tuning the revamp for my bedroom since selling all my vintage French provincial furniture. Above is the mood board I created to keep me on track and focused. (I tend to get very sidetracked as soon I set foot into an antique store or thrift shop.) 

I'm actually sticking to a color scheme (sorta) in the space: vibrant crimson, fresh yellow-green, and leathery brown with splashes of black, grass green, and burlap beige.


Small Space Inspiration: Jacqueline's Sweet & Sophisticated Studio

I love when eclectic meets chic and modern meets feminine – especially in a small space. Creamy whites, eclectic art, pretty furniture, and a ghost chair come together with clean lines, color coordinated books, and lots of personality in blogger Jacqueline's Manhattan studio that I found on today.

New Obsession: Lavender Essential Oil from Aura Cacia + 3 Things to Make with It

Essential oils have piqued my interest for a while now, but I hadn't gotten around to dabbling in them. Until now.


Guest Post | 10 for 10: Style Essentials for the Young Professional

Today we welcome self-proclaimed "fashion junkie" Tiffany Lashai Curtis to The Lovely Side! The creator behind Undergrad Style File and a blogger for Your Style Forecast, Tiffany is one fierce and lovely lady that I love to follow on Instagram. As a current undergrad with plenty of retail experience under her chic belt, Tiffany curated ten fabulous must-haves for any young professional – all under a budget-friendly $10. Whether you're interviewing, interning, or working the nine-to-five, put these style essentials at the top of your list.


Ten for Ten: Style Essentials for the Young Professional
Guest Post by Tiffany Lashai Curtis

Whether you’re currently in undergrad or post-grad, chances are you’re no stranger to a pair of khakis – or is it chinos? Either way, we've all come into contact with the inevitable... work-wear. Before you begin conjuring up images of bland black suits and nude pantyhose, step away from the pantsuit. Professional wardrobe options have gotten a major face-lift in recent years and there are tons of trendy options. Young professionals in creative industries everywhere can now rejoice!

Emme's Bedroom: Feminine, Vintage, Eclectic

I love a good dosage of decorating inspiration – no matter where it comes from. This eclectic, chic, and utterly darling room belongs to a very lucky teenage girl, but it's full of inspiration for any dorm room or apartment bedroom. The space features soft pink walls accented by a large chalkboard wall. Vintage and modern furniture coexist. And plenty of meaningful, personal accents infuse the space with the unique personality of its growing, changing dweller. 


Stacie's Eclectic, DIY-infused NYC Abode

It's a lesson that's taken me a while to learn, but one that I preach again and again here on the blog: white walls don't have to equal a bland, colorless apartment. Stacie, the blogger behind Stars for Streetlights, abandoned Indiana for the bright lights of the city. In her New York City apartment, white walls, black accents, and golden tones in her hardwood floors act as the neutral backdrop for her vintage style, pops of color, and do-it-yourself projects. 


7 Non-Toxic or Natural Bug Repellents & Killers

Whether you live in a dorm, rent an apartment, or own a home – you'll probably encounter a creepy crawler at some point. From ants and fruit flies to centipedes and spiders to silverfish and earwigs. Ew, ew, ew. It's not fun to deal with these buggers – especially when chemicals can be stinky, damaging, and even dangerous. Luckily, there are non-toxic and natural ways of repelling and even killing insects. And I've been on a mission to find some solutions.

Decor 2 Ur Door Giveaway | Win a Design Ur Own Pillow for Your Dorm or Apartment (Closed)

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Love patterns, prints, and pretty colors? You know I do. Decor 2 Ur Door is an online boutique boasting the best bedding selections for teen rooms, college, and beyond – in a huge variety of patterns and colors. From pre-designed sets ready for your space to customizable options for you to mix and match, Decor 2 Ur Door has you covered. And they're giving one lucky The Lovely Side reader a free Design Ur Own square pillow in the pattern and color of choice! (Scroll down to enter!)


Share Your Tips for a Pest-Free Apartment or Dorm | Natural Pesticides & Insect Repellents

Howdy, lovelies! I've got a not-so-lovely story. In the whole eight months I've dwelled in my lovely little apartment, I've never had a bug issue. I've seen and killed maybe two spiders. Had a few fruit flies in the early fall. And saw one earwig last summer. No biggies.

This past weekend, I encountered my worst fear. Something I hate more than any other bug – more than spiders even. A silverfish. A little one. On my bathroom wall. I almost mistook it for an earwig. I sprayed it with hair mousse, grabbed it with a tissue, and flushed it. Then yesterday, I saw another. In my beautiful clawfoot tub. Again, I thought it was a small earwig... but the bf quickly and horrifically confirmed that it was indeed a silverfish.

The Great Rug Debate | Purple Frills vs. Teal Diamonds vs. Hot Pink Fretwork

I've been needing a small area rug for my cozy living room for a long time now because 1) the hardwood floors need to be protected from potentially scratchy coffee tables and other furniture, and 2) I've been wanting to soften up the sitting area a bit. However, area rugs tend to run at the high end of my budget. Plus, so many of them are scratchy on the bottom and require a liner or pad – neither of which I want to add on on top of the rug cost. Luckily, I'm a bargain scavenger and Target aisles are my hunting grounds of choice.


Iris' Crafty, Colorful Place in Pittsburgh

Iris, the blogger behind BOYV: Bring Your Own Vegetables, has brought color, pattern, and personality together in her Pittsburgh apartment. Crafty and creative, she cleverly mixes style elements to make the space cozy, comfortable, and unique.


The Best Bras & Briefs for Your Body Type | Lingerie Infographic

Feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed when shopping for undergarments? Lingerie looks its loveliest when it flatters your shape, but knowing what style is best can be challenging. Understanding your body shape and what works best with it makes you look fabulous, makes your outfit look better, makes you feel more comfortable, and gives you that extra boost of confidence.

Neutrals and Shades of Blue in Heidi's Arizona Apartment

One of the downsides to renting an apartment or living in a dorm is the painting ban. Everything is usually so neutral – beige carpet, cream walls, white trim. It's taken years to suppress my desire to paint and embrace a white or neutral backdrop. In her Arizona apartment, Heidi took the neutral palette and ran with it – bringing in a sea of blue shades. Navy, sky, and even turquoise make themselves right at home in Heidi's home sweet apartment.


Ashley's Beachy Shabby Chic Studio Apartment

Shabby chic meets the beach in Ashley's lovely little apartment. I love the old brass bed dressed up with the billowy white comforter and mix of floral patterned pillows – and the bench at the foot of the bed is a great touch. Black and white photos in ornate gold frames adorn the walls. And how cute is the surfboard in the corner?!


Roundup: 10 Pretty Planners from MochiThings

I usually start off a new year with a fresh planner. There's something about a pretty planner that makes me feel polished and pulled together – even though I also use my Google calendar to keep track of everything, I like to write everything down as well. Whether I'm tracking craft beer events, musing about blog content, or  planning a weekend getaway, a planner is a must-have. This year, it's already March and I have yet to find my scheduler soul mate. It has to be pretty, simple, and sized to toss into my bag. 

I've had great luck finding pretty planners at Target in the past, but this year I find myself underwhelmed by their selection. (I bought my sisters the last two pretty planners I saw there.) So I'm taking my time and taking to the internet in my search for the perfect planner. Today, I hit the jackpot. MochiThings.com has the loveliest selection of agendas that I've ever laid eyes on. And now I'm overwhelmed with picking just one. Here are my Top 10 Contenders: