Get the Look: Carrie's Apartment | On Screen Decor: Sex & the City

This is one of the most requested On Screen Decor rooms, so it's about time that I got around to posting it: Carrie's apartment from Sex & the City – the apartment she couldn't have possibly afforded as a writer who spent most of her money on clothes. I've included a decor board for both before her apartment redo, and after. In both, I focused on the bedroom space of Carrie's place.


Cleaning Product Love: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Radish & Basil

You know you're really starting to get the hang of 'adulting' when you get excited about cleaning products. You caught me. And it's all because of radishes, basil, and pretty labels.

Would you like a decor consultation? Tell me in this survey

In my recent insight survey and via emails, some of you lovely readers have asked if I offer small scale interior design consultations for your small spaces – as well as other services like help setting up a blog or resume design. Right now, I don't. But if it's something that enough are you are interested, I'd love to start! 

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Winter Witches Brew & #HalfBad Giveaway (Closed)

* * * This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned for future giveaways! * * *

During the frosty, frozen month of February – what's more luxurious than curling up with a chilling book and warming cup of hot chocolate? 

This coming March, Sally Green's new book Half Wild (sequel to Half Bad) will be hitting bookstores. That gives you the entire month of February to give Half Bad a read in time for Half Wild. Courtesy of Penguin, one lucky The Lovely Side reader will win a Winter Witches Brew prize pack, including: a copy of Half Bad, a branded tumbler, and hot chocolate mix.

I just received my own copy in the mail. After watching the trailer and reading the reviews, I can't wait to dive in. Sounds like this book is going to be hard to put down.

Click through to learn more about the Half Bad trilogy and author Sally Green, plus enter the giveaway!


Black & Gold Office Inspiration

After creating a bedroom decor board based on this outfit, I guess you could say the black and gold inspiration stuck around a while longer. So, I pulled together this gorgeous decor board to inspire a fabulous black and gold workspace for the new year.

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Sheer Gold (Inspired by Nadia Aboulhosn) | Decorate Like You Dress

The Lovely Side reader Savannah wrote in, "I think the outfit here is incredible and wonder what your decoration inspiration is from this. I think the baroque pattern and the sheer create a fun mix of vintage and modern, plus with the defined female curves."

I was psyched to see that the outfit Savannah was talking about is Nadia Aboulhosn's Sheer Gold: a black and metallic gold skirt featuring an ornate pattern and sheer overlay, a black tee, a black blazer, strappy black heels, and some wine-hued lipstick. 


Precious Style's Apartment | Glamorous & Girly, Crisp & Clean


I recently stumbled across Precious Style's blog and fell in love with her glamorous and girly yet crisp and clean style. With bright white walls, a mix of modern and vintage furniture, and some seriously feminine accents, it was a no-brainer to feature her fresh space here on the blog. 


Inspiration Board for My Mermaid Bathroom

My new bathroom has posed a major challenge since I moved in. For one, it's teeny tiny. After enjoying a very large (like, bedroom-sized) bathroom in my former place, it was quite an adjustment to go from clawfoot tub to single-stall shower and six feet of vanity space to two feet. The other challenging aspect is its color. It's brown. So my yellow and gray shower curtain that I used in my last place just wasn't working. 


Genevieve's Apartment: Bold Pastels, Birdcages, and Boston Terriers

New, modern apartments – with their white walls, stark lines, and beige carpet – can be challenging to decorate. Often, you can't paint the walls, put up new trim, or rip up the carpeting. But you can add color and infuse your personality in another ways. Genevieve's place is a perfect example. 

Her apartment is quite gorgeous on its own. There's some hardwood flooring and the carpet is new and soft looking. The shade of paint on the walls is an anything-but-drab ivory. She's got high ceilings, beautiful kitchen cabinets, and gleaming counter tops.

Click through to tour Genevieve's apartment and learn how to get a similar look for yours.


Posh Plaid | Decorate Like You Dress

Today, I'm kicking off a new type of post here on The Lovely Side. Called 'Decorate Like You Dress,' these posts will translate fashion to interior design. If you feel great wearing something, it's likely you'll feel right at home surrounded by the same colors, textures, and trends. 

Today's outfit-to-a-room is based on Chic Street Style's Posh Plaid ensemble. It's a great fall or winter look that looks cozy, casual, and pulled-together in a living room space.

Inspired by Distressed Signs in the Kitchen

The first distressed kitchen sign that caught my eye? The "Super Market" one in Chip and Joanna's home (the quirky house-revamping couple of HGTV show Fixer Upper – I love them). What's not to love about Joanna's farmhouse kitchen? The beautiful hardwood floors, open shelving, subway tile, industrial lighting, plank ceiling, beam, farmhouse sink, and shiny modern appliances? (Image via Better Homes & Gardens)

My kitchen is a far cry from her magazine-worthy cooking space. In fact, it's going to be a major project in my apartment – one that requires painting the walls, painting the cabinets, and working in some additional storage. Definitely a project for this coming springtime. So in the meantime, I'm gathering inspiring ideas. And that "Super Market" sign is one of them.


On the Un-Lovely Side | A DIY Project Fail (Alternate Title: Always Use a Level)

I promise my house isn't this crooked!
I like to post photos of my apartment and projects when they're in pretty, pristine, ready-for-their-closeup condition. But I'm all about honesty here. And when it comes to decorating and do-it-yourself projects, it doesn't always work out. Sometimes I make a mess. Sometimes I outright fail. And sometimes my DIY project ends up in the trash. This is one of those times. (Though, I'll be re-purposing the materials rather than throwing them in the trash. More about that in tomorrow's post.)

So, funny DIY fail story...

Get the Look: Joan Holloway's Apartment | On Screen Decor: Mad Men

Within the last week or so, I started watching Mad Men. I don't know why I waited so long. Let's just say that I'm watching that show like it's going out of style. I love the advertising world business drama, personal scandals, pulled-together fashion, and of course: the mid-century modern decor. And the living space that I love the most belongs to none other than Joan Holloway.


Get the Look: Laurel Lance's Apartment | On Screen Decor: Arrow

While Felicity Smoak's apartment is airy, modern, and a tinge quirky, Laurel Lance's living space is feminine, classic, and grown-up. It's a pulled-together apartment – that is, when it's not been broken into or brawled in. 

Her apartment appears to be in an older, historic building – look at the gorgeous paneling on the walls. Her wine-hued sofa adds a big splash of color, which is matched by an accent wall in the background.


Get the Look: Felicity Smoak's Apartment | On Screen Decor: Arrow

Hands down, Felicity Smoak is my favorite character on the CW's Arrow. She's smart, sweet, and funny. She has a killer fashion sense. And her awkward quirks are downright adorable. Apparently in Season 3 – I'm not actually there yet – you get a peek at Felicity's apartment (pictured below). I think the design suits our favorite IT girl perfectly: clean, modern, feminine, and a little eclectic.


Sandro Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' in my Front Room...

Sandro Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' has been one of my favorite paintings for about as long as I can remember. When I stumbled across this folding screen, I knew it was perfect for my coral-painted front room, which would be pulling triple duty as a sitting/reading room, entry space, and litter box area. 

I recently posted an inspiration board for how I plan to decorate that front room:


Painting Doors & Restoring Antique Hardware | Weekend DIY Project

On Sunday, the boyfriend and I spent a good portion of our day binge-watching Rehab Addict on Netflix. Nicole Curtis is my hero. I love her approach to restoring old houses, her mission to keep things as original and era-appropriate as possible, and her belief that everything is worth saving. I'd love to renovate my home someday, but for now I'm a renter. Luckily, in my current rental residence, I'm allowed to make some changes. 


Book Review & Recommendation: 'A Small Indiscretion' by Jan Ellison

It's been a while since I posted a full book review here on the blog. Well, today's the day. I'm so excited to gush about the book I just finished. And I'm so excited to hear what some of you think when you hopefully read the book and send me an email to gush about it, too. (I really should get a book club going around here, shouldn't I?)

Jan Ellison's debut novel A Small Indiscretion arrived in my mailbox just in time for the holiday weekend. I started it on Christmas Eve and wrapped it up four days later. I read it curled up at the end of my grandma's couch, sitting at the dinner table as family arrived for dinner, and on a lazy Sunday morning while the boyfriend played video games. I just couldn't put it down.

I recommend reading this book in a comfy chair with a cup of tea or glass of dark beer nearby. Playing a bit of Damien Rice would make for a perfect reading soundtrack.

Click through for my review: