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Meet Callias, the ill-fated object in my bathroom

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Quilted Northern . All opinions are 100% mine. The best bathroom experiences are the ones you CAN forget. That's why Quilted Northern® is celebrating the fact that their bath tissue gives us a forgettable experience. Unfortunately for some of our ill-fated bathroom objects -- like Daddy Gator , Little Miss Puffytail , and Great Grandpa Thaddeus -- see all and forget nothing. That's the humorous truth at the center of Quilted Northern's series of Designed to be forgotten™ tv spots. (All directed by renowned Director and Academy Award Nominee, Bennett Miller.) The tv spots are hilariously tragic. (My personal favorite is Birds -- because I'm obsessed with the wallpaper and I LOL'ed at the lucky bird who "has an outlet for a face.") Quilted Northern invited me to shed the spotlight on the ill-fated object in my bathroom. So without further ado... This is Callias. (It's Latin for &

I Downsized My Desk. Here's Why:

Usually when it comes to furniture, it's all about up-sizing. Bigger bed. Bigger dresser. Bigger desk. I got a bigger desk while I lived at my last place. It was an Ikea Mikael desk I scored for cheap on Craigslist, revamped with a gorgeous couple coats of charcoal-hued paint, and squeezed into my bedroom closet for a closet office. It was the perfect size -- with just a couple inches to spare.

Kate's Girly Dorm

Kate sent over this photo of her pretty, feminine dorm room. I'm totally smitten with the floral fabric/wallpaper on the back wall -- and that fluffy white bedding!

Anouk's Dorm in the Netherlands | Small Space Tour

Way back in March, the lovely Anouk sent me photos of her bright, pretty dorm in the Netherlands. Shame on me that I'm just now getting around to posting it! So without further ado, let's take a small space tour of Anouk's dorm...

Book Giveaway! Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky | #Blueprints (Closed)

Summertime has finally arrived. It's the season for sunny days and spreading out a blanket in the grass or a towel on the beach, then plopping down to stick your nose in a pageturner. And on the stormy days... What's better than curly up with a good book while it rains outside your window?  This summer, it's my reading goal to step outside my typical book zone. You'll most often find me with a historical fiction novel, but summer's the season for trying something new. I've got a stack of books piling up on my nightstand, and Blueprints is at the top.

Four Ways to Decorate Around Art (Featuring Prints from Minted!)

via Minted One of the decorating questions I get asked most by readers and friends is: Where do I start? Art is a good place to start. Art is one of those things that you buy because you like it, because it speaks to you, because it brings something to life in you. And that's the whole point of decorating: creating a pretty, personalized space that you feel happy and comfortable in.  There are a lot of great resources out there for tracking down the perfect print or piece of art. But endlessly browsing online and scavenging brick-and-mortar stores can quickly get overwhelming. One of my favorite sources that I've come upon is Minted . I first came upon Minted for stationary and planners , but the selection of beautiful, original prints and custom photo art in the Art Marketplace is wonderful. (It's one of those places that I could easily kiss an entire paycheck goodbye in the name of a good gallery wall.)

Lottie's Lovely KC Apartment | Small Space Tour

It's not every day that I get to share small space that belongs to someone I know. Today's lovely small space dweller and I share a hometown. When I saw photos of her adorable apartment pop up on Facebook, I couldn't resist asking if I could share her space here on The Lovely Side. And she so graciously agreed!