Summer's Simple Pleasures

How is August almost already gone?! These warm months fly by so fast. So in the spirit of summertime, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite simple pleasures from this summer. Like above: sipping coffee on my front porch, sipping whiskey and reading on my front porch, sipping beer on my front porch, and sipping wine on my front porch. Okay, okay... so maybe just having a front porch. (And sipping beverages on it.) ;)

A few weekends ago, the boyfriend and I ventured off to a festival we'd never been to before: Irish Fest. We enjoyed beers (of course), ate a hearty Irish breakfast at lovely downtown restaurant, and I finally got a claddagh ring! I've wanted one of those since I was little. :)

New places and experiences are the best. Another weekend, we took a little trip down the highway to Sutliff Cider. There, we basked in the 100-degree heat while sipping on crisp cider and munching on spicy peanuts. The century-old barn and countryside setting was gorgeous. And we got to share the cider and scenery with a good friend and his parents.

These are perhaps the simplest of summer pleasures. Sun tea, which I like brew in small batches using a mason jar and metal tea infusers. Farmers market loot, like vibrant eggplants, crisp kohlrabi, delicious honey, fresh feta cheese, and the most amazing aged gouda. We took a day trip back to our college town to enjoy tacos and a bloody mary at one of our old hangouts. And lastly, sometimes just a lazy afternoon observing the boyfriend homebrewing beer is the perfect summer delight... especially with his other homebrew beers on tap in his apartment! 

So tell me: What are your favorite simple pleasures of summer?

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