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12 Chic Desk Chairs Under $200

When it comes to the perfect union of style and comfort, there are three things in this world I believe to be universally difficult to shop for: jeans, swimsuits, and desk chairs. One size and one style most certainly does not fit all. I'll leave the jeans and bikinis to the fashion bloggers, but today I'm go to share my search for a chic and comfy task chair with a price tag under $200.

Decorating my Living Room with Kirkland's Flea Market Collection

The Lovely Side is excited to partner with Kirkland's for this post! On Friday, I revealed some of the decorating I've been doing in the new house... specifically the vintage charm I added to the foyer using items from Kirkland's Flea Market Collection . Check it out here . Flea market style doesn't always describe a vintage, antique, rustic, or distressed look. It can also mean bright, colorful, and bohemian... which is exactly what I'm going for in my living room.

Decorating my Foyer with Kirkland's Flea Market Collection

The Lovely Side is excited to partner with Kirkland's for this post! It's official: I'm about 99.9% moved into our lovely old house! And while I'm spending most of my spare time trying to get things unpacked, I can't resist doing a little decorating... starting with the foyer! I want the foyer to be a balanced but eclectic mix of Victorian character, vintage charm, rustic touches, and timeworn flea market finds. The bad news: Flea markets haven't quite started up around here yet. And even if they had, I wouldn't have the time to go scavenge them. (Ugh, unpacking.)

Upcoming DIY Inspiration: Old Door Desks

See this tall, skinny, old door? It's 80 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It's covered in a layer of dust and dirty. And it's totally destined for greatness.  I've had this project on my mind for a while. Since I'll be working from home in our new house starting next week, I need a really good desk space. My current setup involves a little turquoise writing desk that's as uncomfortable as it is adorable. I can't sit there and work for eight hours a day. So... this project popped back onto my radar.

#TheHuntsman Giveaway | Win a The Huntsman movie themed prize pack!

Today, I'm teaming up with Universal Pictures to celebrate the upcoming release of the new epic action-adventure, The Huntsman – and host a special giveaway!

Old House Inspiration: Unpainted Wood Trim

From the glossy pages of magazines to the irresistible, infinite scrolling of Pinterest, one thing is clear: white trim reigns supreme in the decorating world. And for good reason. It can look as clean and crisp as it can cottage chic. It boasts versatility with different furnishings. It makes colors and hardwood floor really pop. (Above image: Houzz ) But in the lovely old house we'll soon be moving into, we'll be surrounded by unpainted wood trim – most of it original to the house. (Bits that aren't original are actually salvaged from houses of similar age/period.) And I couldn't be more thrilled about it. In fact, my heart breaks a little when I think about how someone painted the original trim in my Victorian apartment.