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Butler's Pantry Project | Part II: Priming, Painting, and Decorating

Hello again! Recently, I posted about  peeling wallpaper and picking paint colors for our butler's pantry . Two weeks later... all the wallpaper is gone, the plaster walls repaired, the room primed and painted, and the little space pretty much decorated. :)

Fall Faves | 12 Little Luxuries for Autumn

It's finally starting to truly feel like fall here in Iowa. (Hey! I'm not complaining about an extra week or two of open windows and jacket-less fashion.) Here are twelve items that are proving to be my favorites this season—whether on the vanity, the coffee table, or kitchen counter. 1. Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush | Champagne Rose This light, bronzey peach is my everyday go-to since it's not too heavy but has a subtle shimmer. Not too pink, not too peach. It's just right—and the price is, too. ($3)

Operation: Reupholster the Dining Room Chairs (AKA: Overcoming DIY Fears)

The Lovely Side partnered with DecoratorsBest for this project post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The blog hasn't been super busy lately—and for that, my lovelies, I apologize. But we have been busy here in our old house. Peeling wallpaper. Repairing plaster walls. And taking on first-time DIY projects, like this one. I reupholstered my dining room chairs!

Butler's Pantry Project | Part I: Peeling Wallpaper and Picking a Paint Color

One of the things that made me fall in love with our house is that it has a butler's pantry. One the things that I'm not head-over-heels for in our house is that so much of it is covered in wallpaper. I'm not going to rag on wallpaper (to each their own), but the wallpaper in this house is just not my style. And especially in the butler's pantry, it makes the room feel much darker and smaller than it really is. We have two other rooms upstairs and four rooms on the main level that also require wallpaper removal. So we figured, let's start with the butler's pantry so we can get our skills down. :) So that's where I've been. Not AWOL, but peeling, peeling, peeling.