amhart1's diy dorm!

She made the upholstered headboard herself. Plus, that skyline... she diy'ed it by using black tape and a straight edge. Loving the pretty ruffles of the bedding.
A nice clean desk space complete with little cactus plants and a diy message board.
One very small and easy way to add spunk to a room: cover the light-switch plate in a pattern.
A diy message board with magnets on the back so it can hang on the fridge.
She decorated wooden numbers to represent her area code.
A diy peace sign that lights up her room at night.
A diy jewelry holder that keeps all her necklaces on display and untangled.
A diy pendant lamp made using straws and frying baskets.
Diy wall decor fabric hoops dress up the empty walls in the bathroom.

To check out more of amhart1's dorm, click here.

There are two diy projects that have instructions here at the blog:

Super Easy & Pretty Dry Erase Board (framed message board)

Adorable Idea for Dorm Walls (fabric hoops)

So get diy'ing!



Unknown said...

Did she make the frames on the bookshelf and on top of the fridge? Those are super cute.

Anonymous said...

how to you make the peace sign?

Anonymous said...

the frames are made with 2 cheap $1 frames glued together with painted clothes pins, there is also a night light inserted in the frame box to backlight the photos

the peace sign is made from an extra thick poster board (like the kinds you used to use for science fairs). I drew out the shape of the peace sign and made a graph to evenly space the lights, then I used a pencil to poke a hole on the graph and inserted the christmas lights.

Anonymous said...

How do you make the straw lamp? It's adorable!!