Carly & Brooke's Modern Chic Dorm

Carly, a college freshman at George Washington University in Washington D.C. sent me photos of her and her roommate's modern chic dorm!  Right away, I was pulled in by the black and white color scheme with pops of turquoise.  I also love the girls' use of pattern, art, and funky touches throughout the room.  Let's get started with the tour, shall we?

As you can see, this shared dorm is definitely on the small side.  Carly and Brooke split the room down the middle with a black and white rug, arranging their beds across from each other and up against opposite walls. 

The beds are raised to allow for extra storage underneath.  Instead of a twin-sized comforter that probably wouldn't cover this extra storage space, full- or queen-sized bedding ensures that everything underneath the bed remains hidden and clutter out-of-sight.

"Our favorite room feature is the white glow ball lightning fixture from IKEA. My roommate spent hours assembling this piece! We had difficulty hanging up the fixture. But, we quickly resolved this issue by acquiring dental floss and loads of tape!" -Carly

Carly and Brooke both love entertaining.  They always keep candy and hot pink gumballs on hand to "lure" friends into their room.  I adore the pop of color these hot pink gumball infuse into the space, especially displayed in a bold, typographic mug.  In the background, black chandelier wall decals lend a glam look above both beds.  (You can see the decals better in the first picture in this post.)

The wall art in these girls' dorms is anything but boring.  Their choice of art is young, fresh, fashion-y, and definitely a conversation starter.

Cork squares dressed up with strips of ribbon work as jewelry storage.

The desk area is kept clean and clutter-free, but definitely not free of inspiration.  (Check out the fab black and white photos on the wall and shelf.)

A glamorous jewelry stand figurine keeps bracelets and earrings at bay.

Thanks for sharing your space, Carly!  You and Brooke's energy and hard work definitely paid off in turning a sterile dorm into a cozy, chic dorm for entertaining friends! 



  1. I want to live in this dorm room- oh lala, so fun!

  2. These girls have great style. So classy!

  3. Where did you get your blue bed spread I have been looking everywhere

  4. WOW, can i hire them to decorate my dorm room?

  5. I wish I could be best friends with these girls!!

  6. this dorm room is my dream...


  8. Where do you find wooden bedframes like these? I'd really like to find one for my apartment.