Gift Guide: For the Girl(s) in Your Life

I don't know about you---but for me, the ladies in your life are the most fun to buy gifts for!  They somehow also turn out to be the easiest.  But if you're frantically trying to think of ideas to spoil your sister, sorority sister, co-worker-turned-friend, bestie, or roommate... check out this wish list of girly delights!

1. A pretty cover... for her iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.  There's no reason to carry around a beloved electronic in an ugly black cover.  Dress it up in something stylish, colorful, and patterned, too, so that she'll feel trendy each time she pulls it out.  I adore this Artist Circle iPad Folio by theSak---the pattern and colors are just lovely!

2. If you set your budget small, consider an affordable piece of jewelry.  This adorable ring runs about $10 and is something she could wear to class, on a date, or out on the town.  Wrap it in a tiny box and throw in some of her favorite chocolates.

3. Is your always drinking something---tea, water, coffee, soda?  Get her a thermos, such as this Eco Can.  Isn't it cute?  It's a thermos, so it can hold both hot and cold drinks.  Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe.  Many places offer discounts if you bring in your own cup.  And you can sweeten the deal by sticking in a gift card to your pal's fave drink stop.

4. For the beauty queen in your life, replenish her makeup stock by picking out a few of her tried-and-true favorites and adding in an unexpected surprise like lip stain, which gives your lips great, long-lasting color.  Go with a nice pink shade that looks good on every skin tone.

5. A girl can never have too many scarves.  Nab her one in a color she's missing, like a bold mustard to brighten up her wardrobe.

6. Notice lately that your roomie has about worn her slippers out trekking up and down the dorm hallways?  Replace her battered ones with a new pair of plush, pink slippers.  

7. The friend who loves making lists will adore these Note to Self and Just Sayin' notepads.  Knock Knock sells lots of notepads in a variety of colors and snarky sayings.  They're too cute to pass up!

8. Bridesmaids on dvd.  What girl wouldn't want this?!

9. Reed diffusers are perfect for bringing some lovely fragrance into a space if your friend or roomie lives in a dorm that doesn't allow candle burning. 


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Leah said...

These are all great suggestions..there's no doubt about it- girls are the most fun to shop for! :)