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12 Planners & Journals for 2012

I love a good planner.  Even though technology allows us to jot down important events on our phones, laptops, and tablets... I still hold fast to my planner.  Here are my top three reasons why I love 'em:

1. Planners express your personality.
Its craft, its material, its color, its pattern... a planner can be as unique as you are.  A pretty floral one shows how girly and feminine you are.  A simple black leather one flaunts your timeless classiness.  I think you can tell a lot about a girl (or guy) by glancing at their planner or journal.

2. The physical act of writing something down will help you remember it.  Typing "Test on Monday" into your phone's calendar is too easy.  Taking the time to whip out a pen and scribe "Monday: Biology Exam" onto the right date burns that into your mind. You're more likely to remember.

3. There's just something fun, fabulous, and professional about carrying a planner.  When the cute boy from English Lit finally asks if you're free for a study sesh, you can coyly open  your planner and check.  Tell me you haven't always wanted to say, "I'll pencil you in for Thursday at eight!"  (And then secretly doodling a heart next to his name...) 

I rounded up a variety of cute planners and journals to jump start your organization skills this year.  Flirty florals.  Sassy red.  Retro. Eco friendly.  There's something for everybody.  I can't decide which one I want!



Anonymous said…
I need a planner too. I tried my phone, but I just couldn't do it!! My fave? Erin Condren!

megs [at] Shine On
Hannah said…
Erin Condren Life Planners are the BEST! $50 is way more than I'd normally spend on a planner, but after reading so many fabulous reviews, I took the plunge and bought one... it was SO worth it!

Unknown said…
Using my phone = disaster. I always end up accidentally deleting all events when I try to shut off an alarm... :S
Unknown said…
I don't know if I'd ever actually spend $50 on a planner... as much as I'd like to!


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