January 17, 2012

Aria's Room | Pretty Little Liars Decor

Welcome back for LU's 2nd room in the PLL series!  Today you're getting a glimpse into my favorite room on the show... Aria's room.  Aria Montgomery is the artistic, imaginative, bookworm of the bunch.  So it's no surprise that her room has an artsy, historic, romantic eclecticism atmosphere.  Plus, it's full of books.  My two words for Aria's attic space: Vintage Eclectic.  (Those happen to be my two favorite decorating words... so brace yourself for my soon-to-come swooning.)

Tucked away in the upper-story of her parents' house, Aria's room is full of angles, alcoves, and historic character.  In this photo, you can see how her room is mostly neutral (lots of linen white and latte brown).  There's also lots of texture--the wicker, the woven rug, the hardwood underneath, the soft bedding. 

Aria's room, with its angled ceilings and exposed beams, gives off a secret hideaway or tree-house kind of feel that I adore. Well, a tree-house decked out by Urban Outfitters, that is.  It's a little dark, a little moody, but gloomy in a romantic, vintage, novel-reading kind of way.  I love her three windows and the built-in bench beneath them.  Ruffled curtains (sooo Anthropologie) add feminine flair right away.  The colors that pop up most in this room are rich wine and raspberry hues.

Aria's room is bursting with character, even in the tiniest details.  I love the gold-plated light-switch cover and the vintage sconce above it.  Butterflies and scenic photos adorn the wall behind Aria's big, beautiful, antique desk.  A retro chair bridges the gap between the ancient desk and 2012.  And a metal waste basket lends its galvanized gleam to the space.

As I mentioned up above, Aria's room is full of books.  Books everywhere.  Stacked on the bench.  Lined up in the window sill.  Held on shelves hung over the bed. 

Here, you can see Aria's artwork and easel on her desk... right next a stack of hefty books, of course!  Simple materials and neutral colors---like the linen lampshade and beige bulletin board frame---fade away beautifully in the background with understated sophistication.

In this photo, you can see that the base of Aria's desk-top lamp is the Eiffel Tower.  It's an unexpected and totally whimsical touch. 

Not so dark and gloomy here!  The colors really come alive.  Her bedding is an almost iridescent champagne.  The pillows range from purple to red to pink---but all being lush, juicy jewel tones.

I love the wallpaper in Aria's room.  It's a muted grayish beige damask-style pattern.

Now's a good time to mention what I really like about Aria's bed.  It's definitely not a daybed.  It's a regular bed with a beautiful vintage headboard and footboard, but by pushing it up against the wall horizontally... it gives the impression of a daybed.  Lots of pillows lined up against the wall adds to this daybed/bed-nook feel.

I can happily imagine myself dwelling in Aria's room with the damask wallpaper, ruffled curtains, and stacks and stacks of books. But let's talk how you (and I) can bring Aria's unique taste into our domains.

Wrought Iron: Scavenge antique and thrift stores, garage sales, and Craigslist for a vintage wrought-iron headboard and footboard.  (Even if you can't get both... a headboard is better than nothing!)  As usual, be open minded and creative.  Just because it's the wrong color doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it.  A coat of spraypaint works wonders---and you can definitely get spraypaint that looks coppery metallic.  In this room, you could even getting away with mix-and-matching two different headboards.  Push your bed up against the wall horizontally and deck it out like a daybed---lots of pillows, luxurious bedding.  

Furniture: Aria's room features lots of dark woodwork that your dorm or apartment might not have.  So bring in the dark wood with furniture.  A big, dark brown bookcase to display all of your tomes.  Instead of a desk like Aria's, I chose a desk that included a hutch.  The shelves provide extra storage and contribute to the lots-of-dark-woodwork theme.  Don't feel the need to match wood tones... just keep the wood dark and rich.  Pick out a MidCentury Modern chair for the desk---one with curves will contrast nicely with all the masculine angles of the room.

Textile Textures:  Texture adds dimension, coziness, and interest. Bring in a woven rug, neutral in color, to add texture to the floor.  A wicker ottoman provides great texture, plus it can double as storage or additional seating.  And let's not forget the gorgeous ruffled curtains.  Ruffles are showing up everywhere right now---especially in our favorite online shops: Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  

Accessories:  While it's probably not feasible to do wallpaper, I still love the Victorian mood Aria's vintage wallpaper gives off.  So instead, wrap a big canvas or foam board in damask wallpaper or fabric for a similar look.  Go for something muted and gray or beige.  The more books you can bring into the space, the more it will resemble Aria's room.  Hang some butterfly artwork.  Incorporate some industrial-style accessories, such as a metal floor lamp and that galvanized waste basket.  Hunt through junk stores for old beaded chandeliers or pendants.  It doesn't have to work--just hang it from the ceiling and enjoy its beauty.  Shop online for an Eiffel Tower base lamp (Target had some for a while).  I threw in a typewriter because I think that's one thing Aria's room should definitely have. ;)

What do you think?  Is Aria's room the perfect hideaway?  Or is it too gloomy or overwhelmed with books?

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