A Little Peek into my Previous Apartment

Lovelies, I broke my promise that I'd show you my last apartment.  Thing is... while I did paint it and move in, I never got totally settled in or comfortable there.  And I moved out after a few months---failing to take good photos before I left.  While going through my camera, I did happen on a very few photos that offer a peek into the bedroom.  Up above is my collection of necklaces, hung on white hooks on the gray wall. (The color is Anonymous by Sherwin-Williams, HGTV Home.)
You can also see a random wire shelf that I bought for $1 at Goodwill and spray-painted green.  I happened to have a few plastic baskets from Target that matched---perfect for storing perfumes, nail polishes, and small jewelry boxes.

While this photo's original purpose was to show off my red cowgirl boots... it offers a decent shot of my bedroom as well. I definitely miss that warm shade of gray and will be re-using whenever I move into another paint-friendly apartment or house someday.  You can see my vintage French Provincial furniture.  I wasn't crazy about black curtains in this room, but I chose them more for the practicality than look.  This room was located in the lower/basement level of a split-level house---so it was all too easy if someone wanted to look in my windows.  The heavy black made sure it was peek-proof.  Plus, I scored 'em for like $5-a-panel at Lowe's... and that's a steal for curtain panels!  The colorful quilt was bought at TJ Maxx. Since it's my Spring/Summer bedding, it's not on my bed right now.  I can't wait to get it back out as soon as April rolls around!  The pillows are burlap.

In the background of this photo, you get a better look at my vintage cream furniture.  On the right is my diy canvas art created over the summer with my intern pals.  

I wish I'd documented my previous apartment bedroom better!  There's so much you can't see: my red wrought iron headboard, my typewriter, my random vintage knick-knacks.  But like I said, the place was never fully decorated or unpacked... and it was usually a mess because of that. :/  Fortunately for you, I'm working really hard to get my new room decorated and blog-worthy!  It's a bit of challenge, since it's super tiny and I'm back to white walls.  But I'm very happy here!  So I'm unpacking and here to stay.

So stay tuned!!



Lucy said...

It's so beautiful and colourful!

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Tiffany Leigh {designer lifestyle} said...

That red wrought iron headboard sounds amazing

Unknown said...

Thank you! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tiffany! It was black 'til I gave it some TLC with red-hot spraypaint. :)