One Futon, Five Ways | Studio Style

 It's the piece of furniture we love to hate: the futon.  But since we college students are often short on space and low on money, this bed-slash-couch monster is often a necessary evil... especially in studios and efficiencies.  Lately, there are some handsome futon options appearing on the market.  It's more likely that your futon resembles the one above.  These pieces cause many a decor woe, but stylishly integrating a futon into your apartment is not a lost cause.  Don't give up!  Just check out these five futon makeovers for inspiration:

 Option #1: Elegant Luxe
That's right. I just used elegant and luxe to describe a futon. To get this look, bring on the glam. Satin curtains in a neutral shade like beige have just enough sheen to catch the light.  A simple floor lamp with a shiny lampshade provides light without taking up much floor space.  At the other end of the futon, a small chest of drawers will keep clutter at bay.  Top it off with a lovely lamp in a beautiful color.  On the futon, dress it to the nines with posh pillows--velvet, satin, glitter, the works.  Adhere a large scrap of damask wallpaper to a large canvas for statement-making wall art.  Keep  your bedding nearby but outta sight using a storage bench that also offers extra seating.  Use small, easy to move tables in lieu of a bulky, heavy coffee table.  And makeover a dining chair with paint for a pretty side chair.   Who knew the futon could look so fabulous?

Option #2: Urban Industrial
If your taste leans toward the handsome, masculine end of the decor spectrum... this look is ideal for you!  Start by hanging some gray curtains--bonus points if they have a steely sheen to them.  For artwork, hang a trendy subway sign or black and white photograph.  On one end of the futon, use an industrial cart on wheels as a side table to hold books and a lamp with a metallic base.  On the other end, opt for a telescope-style floor lamp.  As far as pillows go, anything black and white or burlap that features cool illustrations or typography will complement the decor well.  Keep bedding in a large wicker ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.  And a nicely worn-in leather chair handsomely completes the scheme.

Option #3: Exotic Comforts
Give your space an indulgent, worldly vibe.  Rich red curtain panels instantly warm up a room.  Skip the art and hang an ornate shutter or metalworking as art instead.  A curvy modern floor lamp blends in while giving feminine curves.  Pick Moroccan-inspired pillows for the futon, aiming for hues of red, orange, and gold woven in elaborate patterns.  A sleek, lightweight dark wood coffee table is the perfect place to display beautiful colored glass vases.  Keep bedding in an antique trunk painted to look like something the ancient Greeks might have used.  Incorporate Arabian-esque accessories like a Taj Mahal-like birdcage.  Poufs make for great extra seating.

Option #4: Girly Eclectic
Whether you have your own place or rent with other females, your college years are the perfect time to really decorate like a girl. (Once you're dwelling with a live-in bf or married to a hubby... your man might strongly oppose so much pink.)  So draw inspiration from your Barbie-playing days by dousing your space in hot pink.  Hot pink curtains make the ultra-feminine statement right away.  Repeat the fabulous color in flowers, pillows, and accessories like a lamp.  To balance out (or amplify) the pretty pink, bring in another hue like fresh neon green.  I used a lime-hued stump on one end of the futon as a side table... and a simple modern wood table on the other end.  Bring together the pink and lime with other colors using multi-patterned pillows.  An ornate mirror over lends its luxurious spirit to the room, while its surface reflects light and opens up the space.  A large storage ottoman is perfect for storing your bedding.  And a funky Mid-Century Modern chair adds retro flair.

Option #5: Royal Drama
Flood your space with the sovereign shade of rich purple to get this look.  Start with the curtains, going for heavy panels ripe with juicy plum color.  Repeat the shade on an upholstered storage ottoman that you can keep bedding inside.  Bonus points if you can find a metallic purple lamp as gorgeous as the one here.  For the rest of the room, go for classic black!  Black artwork, black floor lamp, elegant black side table, black magazine holder, black chair, and black mirror.  Onyx can be so dark and romantic when used in the right way.  To really bring out the royal inspiration, decorate the futon with throw pillows that feature members of the royal court.  This futon would be the perfect place to curl up and watch The Tudors or The Other Boleyn Girl!

What makeover would you most like to give your futon?



Tiffany Leigh {thedesignerlifestyle} said...

You've managed to astound me once again! All of these rooms are so beautiful, and using a futon for goodness sakes! I think I like number 1 best, but I just can't decide!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Tiffany! I'm flattered. :) I surprised myself with dressing up that futon. ;)

grandegem said...

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