$1 DIY Chair Mini-Makeover | Before + After

As I mentioned in my room tour, my space is a perpetual work in progress.  I always have a diy project up my sleeve and a list of changes to make.  One of those things I've been itching to cross off of my to-do list?  A bedroom chair.  I've been longing for a sweet little vintage chair for a certain corner of my bedroom (between my nightstand and closet).  So I've been searching high and low.  Seriously.  This girl has been on a mission to thrift.  

Friday morning, I hit up One Man's Junk, my favorite vintage/antique store in town.  And I spotted this little charmer in the back room.  He's so handsome.  Big enough to be comfy, small enough to not take up valuable floor space.  Lightweight.  Retro.  The green color of the upholstery is a match made in heaven with the green in my bed quilt.  And I'm a sucker for caning.  

I gave this $20 baby a mini-makeover for just $1. That one little dollar purchased a bottle of Americana acrylic paint in "True Red."  With a foam brush, I applied three coats of the red paint... letting it dry between layers.  Here's the chair after its mini-makeover:

 I think the chair makes a great improvement to that corner of my room, which once looked like this:

Kinda disorganized.  The bucket of shoes sitting on top of two storage ottomans.  Just all thrown together.

Now, it's a perfect spot to sit down with a magazine.  And the bucket tucks nicely underneath.  Big improvement.  :)


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