DIY Quickie: Chevron Chalkboard

It was a dark and stormy night...

Life threatening storms were sweeping through the Midwest, breaking tornadoes and downpours to my dear little college town in Iowa.  Safe inside, but with the cable cutting in and out and occasional light flicker... I decided nothing would do but a do-it-yourself project.  A Hobby Lobby run was not in the cards.  So I rounded up what I had on hand: a random plank of wood and some left over craft paints (chalkboard, gold, and "peony" pink).  

First, I painted the plank of wood with the black chalkboard paint.  (Three layers---the first one brushing vertical, the second layer brushing horizontal, and then the third vertical again.)  

After that dried, I painstakingly taped off a zig-zag pattern.  (Thank goodness I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to things I make for myself.)

Then I painted between the tape lines with the metallic gold paint.  About four coats since the black wanted to show through...

Then I taped some more and painted some more.  This time getting pretty with the peony pink.  I let it dry, peeled off the tape, and primed the entire thing with chalk.  Then, I took to the hammer and pounded in one of those little gold picture-frame hanger things.  

And voila!  A lovely chalkboard to hang on my wall and showcase inspiring quotes, to-do lists, and doodles.  Easy-peasy, lovelies.  



Liesl said...

Super cute! Love it, and the Chevron print! Yay for DIY projects!!! :)

Ashley said...

Wow, this is awesome! I hope everything/everyone was okay in your area- I heard the storms were pretty bad in Iowa!




Chrystina said...

Definitely love this. And great choice of colors. That would be an interesting idea - a DIY project with whatever you have on hand. I like where this is going.