She be climbin' in yo windows...

With all the stress of moving, I've been in some dire need of spray painting.  It's just so magical!  To watch something transform before your eyes with just the push of a button.  I get such a natural high from making over objects with spray paint.  (Yes, I said natural.  Ain't no huffing going down here.)

So today, my new roomie Steph and I hit up Hob-Lobs (Hobby Lobby, for those of you not fluent in crafter-speak) and Lowe's.  I hit up the spray paint aisle on a quest for turquoise.  Normally, I'm a die-hard Rustoleum lover.  But Rusto' hailed no teal.  Valspar came to the rescue!  In a pretty shade called "Exotic Sea."  

Once back home, I climbed out onto our little rooftop deck just off of our kitchen.  (Hence the "She be climbin' in yo windows" bit.)  I put down an old bed-sheet and got to work.  

First, I started off with the ice cream parlor chair that sits at my desk.  I painted it a nice shade of gray last summer, but it was definitely needing a makeover.  

Check it out!  Valspar's "Exotic Sea" is seriously the prettiest, most vibrant shade of Robin's Egg Blue ever.

I just can't look away.  Waaay too gorgeous.  As it usually happens... I can't just spray paint one thing.  I go on an all-out binge.  I scrambled up to my attic room to scope out what else I could paint.

I found this metal filer-turned-magazine rack that you may remember from another post.  Since I'm doing new space in shades of blue, green, and turquoise... time to rid it of the red.

It needs one more coat since the red wants to bleed through.  But it's looking lovely, ehh?

Also, two of my little fat birds were just begging to be spray painted.  (Please excuse their language.  Caesar and Lenny are kinda gangsta.  But they're totally lovable, of course.  Which is why I gave in to their begging for a coat of the blue stuff.)

Caesar was psyched.  It'll take Lenny some time to warm up to being a Smurf-ified birdy.


  1. This is hilarious, and I'm sure your room will look wonderful with the "new" additions!

  2. bahahahahaha the birds cracked me up! just what i needed on a Wednesday morning.

  3. great post! lol I definitely love that turquoise color.

  4. I looove this color! It is just perfect! The birds made me laugh out loud in the middle of class. Ooops!

  5. i am a long time lurker, but had to say i want to see more of caesar and lenny! they are hysterical!!

  6. Brilliant! I hope Lenny soon adjusts...

  7. This post is hilarious and adorable! Such a pretty turquoise color! Caesar and Lenny look great after their makeover.

  8. I actually laughed out loud reading this post. Can't wait to see your finished room! Caesar and Lenny look quite dapper in their new hue.