DIY Quickie: The Key to My Heart is Turquoise

 A couple days ago, I came across my stash of skeleton keys that I bought at an antique for a $1 each a couple years ago.  I had some good fun trying them all out in my apartment's 100+ year old doorknob keyholes.  (Two of them worked!)  Anyway, last night I felt that a key necklace would really complete my outfit.  But just stringing a key onto a chain wasn't pretty enough.

So I grabbed my metallic turquoise nail polish, picked out one of the pretty keys, and painted it!

It turned out super cute.  I strung the turquoise key onto a long silver chain for a simple look.  But if I want to feel more vintagey next time, I'll put it on an old chunky gold chain.

I think I'm going to be painting many skeleton keys. =)


Anonymous said...

very cute! what a clever idea!

Kittia said...

I had a random key lying around so I painted it white! Or.. one side at least. Did you have to do one side at a time too? Love the skeleton key; mine's just a random door key with no master. (get it? ha. ha.)

plum pox said...

Such a nice idea! I think I'm going to find some old key ;)