Quick 'n' Tasty Chicken Avocado Sandwich

Toward the end of my work shift tonight, I was hit with massive avocado cravings. I could probably blame it on a five minute scroll through Pinterest on my break or even my bf's nobody-makes-it-better guacamole. But I needed avocado and I needed it NOW. I couldn't get it now. So right after work I hit up Target to get the goods. You see, in my last fifteen minutes at work, I conjured up a sandwich idea that sounded irresistible. And it turned out delicious!

Ancient Grains bread. This stuff is my favorite. I like my bread dark and grainy - and this stuff puts me in touch with my inner ancient Roman. (Haha.)

Deli Fresh shaved chicken breast. Ready-to-eat, no-cooking-required deli meat is ideal for my bare kitchen right now.

Laughing Cow Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread. I could eat those little wedges in one sitting. But that would be bad.

Spinach leaves. Because I love my spinach.

And a sliced up avocado, of course.

I threw it all onto a sandwich, added some baby carrots as a side, and gobbled up. The avocado hit the spot. And I'm rather proud that I came up with this sandwich idea all by myself. (It's not often that I devise recipes.)

Yes. I ate my sandwich and carrots on a pan. Don't make fun. I have no plates right now. Haha.

If you get the hankering for avocado, I highly recommend this sammy! I'll be eating another tomorrow!

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