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Tour of My New Home Sweet Apartment!

The day I've been waiting for finally arrived! This past weekend I got the keys to my new place and moved in my bed, some clothes, and day-to-day living necessities. It's so surreal to finally have my own place. The attic I lived in last was pretty private, but I didn't have the whole space to myself. Staying all by myself there last night was bittersweet – and a little weird. Bittersweet because over the course of staying with my bf for the past month, I've grown accustomed to seeing him often, eating with him, etc. I was excited to have my own place, but definitely missing him before he even walked out the door! ;) It was weird because... well, it's an old house. I'm not accustomed to the random creaking and noises in the night. I'm afraid I'm going to conjure up a ghost with my own imagination. :P

Anyway... without further ado, let's take a quick tour. I'm just barely moved in – just my bed is here! All the rest of my furniture will be coming next weekend and I'll be able to start unpacking and decorating. So excuse the mess while you look around.

The photo up above is a second entry door into the second floor apartment. Through the glass-pane door and at the bottom of the stairs is my private entrance to the house.

This is the view of the apartment hallway – looking down it from the glass-pane entry door. The photos really don't do the hardwood floors and trim justice. 

And here's the view from the other end of the hallway – looking down toward the entry door. There's a lot of windows in this place, so it has great natural lighting!

This is the hallway closet. It's got plenty of shelving and a built-in dresser that I'll definitely be putting to use for my gobs and gobs of clothes.

Here's another look at the built-in dresser. It's going to come in handy soooo much! You can never have enough storage space. And this is just Closet #1. 

The kitchen and living room are combined in one large room. The floors in here are gorgeous. And I love the old radiator heating. 

Here's the kitchen side of the room.

Here's a better view of the kitchen. Not huge, but just perfect for me.

Here's the other end of the room, where I'll be setting up a living room area.

I LOVE the bathroom for many reasons. It's huge. It has a big window to let in natural lighting (...perfect for doing makeup!) And I'm obsessed with the clawfoot tub. 

The vanity is nice and big. There are plenty of towel bars and shelving. And the bathroom has its very own closet, which is also pretty large.

The bathroom closet, or Closet #2, is huge.

You can walk into it and there's built-in shelving down the side. I'll be using this one to store the usual bathroom stuff like towel and toiletries, but I'll also probably put it to use for extra storage since it's sooo big.

And here's the bedroom. It's carpeted, which I like because it makes it cozy. Nice big windows. High ceilings. Enough floor space for all of my bedroom furniture.

Closet #3 is in the bedroom. It doesn't have a door, but it has a window. Since it's the smallest closet and I don't want to block the window with hanging clothes... I'm toying around with different ideas for this closet. I might squeeze a desk in there for a writing nook. Or I may put a bookcase in there to create a reading nook. We'll have to see. ;)

Since my bed is the only piece of furniture I currently have here – and the rest isn't coming til next weekend – I had to get creative with a tv stand. Clothes hamper + upside down plastic box = makeshift entertainment center. Eventually, I'll be setting the tv up in the living room area.

And here's my bed area right now. No headboard. No pillowcases. A mess of blankets and clothes that I was unpacking. It's disorderly living at its best, but it won't be for long. 

The space is lovely – full of Victorian charm and historic character! I'm close to downtown... without being too close. I'm a short drive from (yay!) Target. And I'm only ten minutes from work. 

I absolutely cannot wait to get all the rest of my furniture up here next weekend and start decorating this place. :) I definitely found a gem!



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