Style Cure Day 2 | Inspiration Hunt: Bohemian Art, Old Firehouses, Chalkboards, Antiques, and Flowers

The weekend assignment for Day 2 of Apartment Therapy's Style Cure was to snap photos of things and spaces that I find inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. The bf and I spent Saturday morning and afternoon in Cedar Rapids' Czech Village and New Bohemian District. And I found lots of inspiration there.

The photo above depicts a huge mural on the side of a building in the Czech Village. It sums up a lot of the style I want my bedroom to incorporate. First of all, it's got all the right colors. Red and green paired together in a non-Christmasy way, incorporating beige, white, and splashes of turquoise blue, too. I adore the artsy bohemian style of the illustration and lettering, since Alphonse Mucha is one of my favorite artists.

This is a very old firehouse in the New Bohemian District. I believe it now houses art. What I find inspiring about this is the historic architecture, the colors, the brick texture, and seeing something antique being re-purposed for modern living. I love using vintage, antique, and historic touches in my decorating.

This chalkboard wall is a really cool feature in the New Bohemian District. Passersby can chalk up what they hope to do before they die. The anonymous goals vary from funny to adventurous, from heartfelt to inspiring. Everytime I've visited the NewBo District, it's been filled with different bucket list missions. I love reading them. What I hope to take from this is not only chalkboard (as I love it), but also creativity. I want my life aspirations to be reflected in my bedroom (specifically at my desk) to remind me to work hard and reach for my dreams.

This is a photo taken outside of an antique shop in the New Bohemian District. Why is it inspiring? Well, this one is simple really. Antiques! I love decorating with furniture and objects that have a past life, especially one that spans over fifty years or even a century.

This is a photo of my bed quilt's lovely floral pattern. I'm as smitten with my bedding as I was the day I purchased it at TJ Maxx a few years ago. I love the colors (again, mixing red and green without the holiday feel) and the fresh floral print.

And there you have it! My inspiration treasure hunt photos. Did you go on an inspiration treasure hunt for the Style Cure this weekend? If so, please link to your blog post on The Lovely Side's Facebook page! I'd love to keep up with what you're doing. :)

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