Style Cure Day 3 | "Before" and "In Progress" Photos

For Day 3 of Apartment Therapy's Style Cure, I was assigned to choose which room to decorate and take some "Before" photos of it. I knew right away that I'd be decorating my bedroom. It's where I spend most of my time. Since moving in, I've made some progress as you can see from some of these photos. 

For me, this Style Cure is going do a lot with editing while decorating. I have a ton of knick knacks, books, and objects. I really want to edit them down and cut out some of the clutter. (Note the cluttered dresser tops and bookcase above.)

Above, the photo shows my desk area and the nearby closet. I like my desk here because I can see out the window to the right and out the window to the left (not pictured). I really want this space to become a headquarters for blogging and creative writing. I need a comfier chair, for one. The closet is still full of some moving boxes. I'll be clearing it out and turning it into a book nook for reading.

This is a major eyesore area in my bedroom. For one, I need a headboard. I might be bringing my red iron headboard up... or I might be diy'ing an upholstered headboard. I'll also be giving that lamp a makeover since it doesn't fit in with the overall style of my space. The big problem, however, is that shelf! My landlord installed this shelf/closet rack in the corner of the room. I'm a renter, so taking it down is simply not an option. This is really the only place my bed can go. I'm not sure how to utilize or hide the shelf. I'm in desperate need of ideas!

For reference, I'm including some photos of my room from when I first moved in. Above is basically where my bed is now. And those are the big double windows my desk now sits to the right of.

Here's another angle that shows a glimpse of the closet that will be turned into a book nook.

Yikes! Here's a photo from when I'd just moved in and was quite disorganized.

Here's another "just-moved-in" photo. I had no tv stand and the living room didn't have cable hooked up in it yet... so I turned a laundry hamper and plastic box into a makeshift tv stand. Haha.

I'm really looking forward to continuing the transformation of my bedroom and really making it my own. I have a ton of stuff and won't really need to shop much. My biggest challenge will be editing what gets set out as decor and what gets packed away. 

If you're taking part in the Style Cure, please be sure to post your blog post links on The Lovely Side Facebook page so that I can keep up with your progress. :)

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